One of those nights

yanilavigne: (Quotes here)


This is so true … and it got me thinking as to how some people can be so insensitive with their words hmm. I mean I don’t really give a damn if you were being insensitive by accident or intentionally, ‘cos in the end the damage is done equally the same and nothing’s going to ever change that. Which makes me so pissed/irritated/angsty ugh ): If everyone would just spend 3 seconds thinking about how much the words that are going to come out of their mouths will affect people, I think the world will be a better place. Less hate, more love. Something that I conclude, is impossible to achieve in our society these days, evidently. Some people should just screw off AND screw out of my life. Seriously -.-

Thinking back about my life in the past 6 months/ JC life has made me realised how apt this quote is hmm. There are many things that I would do differently if I had the chance to turn back time and relive those days again. But with that said, I don’t entirely regret every single decision (be it major or small) in my life. I’m sure that at those point in times, there were factors that made me behave/react in certain ways. Although I admit sometimes I wish I was more … daring in certain aspects haha. I’ll leave that as a mystery (: Go figure. I’m not telling.

LIFE LOOKS SO CALM & CAREFREE IN THIS PICTURE. Wish I could live such a life. Technically … I am not amidst all the worrying about things & handling life. Wonder what life in the next 4 years will be like, it suddenly dawned upon me that I’m gon enrol in UNIVERSITY now lolol late much? Whole new chapter in life, hope it will be exciting & I promise I will be a good girl and study hard (: And … that’s what I say all the time haha whoooops. Shall see how life goes!

Heart of ice

Heart of ice so pretty! (: I love all my friends really. Especially those few whom I talk to often, for always making my day/being lame with me/ comforting me when I’m sad/ just chillaxing & talking to me really. You guys always make my day :* Anyway … It may not be obvious but, it takes a lot for me to trust & open up to people. So if I give you that trust, don’t abuse it. Don’t make my heart turn to ice, and choose to be emotionless instead, just so I won’t get hurt hahah ):

x till then


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