Just give me a reason

“The dark side” I guess most people think of negativity when they see these three words. All the evil, nasty feelings get triggered, and it’s just simply nothing but sadness I guess? Like how a living red rose turns into a black rose; hearts into black hearts. After all, it’s the dark side that people are talking about.

But hey, I was just thinking. How would you know how to appreciate all the happiness around you without going through anything sad in your life? Everyone has experienced this “Dark Side” at some point in time, some may be major and some might be merely a minor thing hmm. But whatever it is, there are some pros to experiencing those bad times. Bad times make you stronger, happier (‘cos you get to appreciate the good things around you), and generally a better person. Yeah, those experiences might be nasty and tainting your lives, but whatever you do, whenever you feel like life is treating you the wrong way, just tell yourself, and somehow convince yourself (if it’s even possible), that such things happen for a reason. Tell yourself, it is nothing more than fear.

After all, everything happens for a reason. So let’s just enjoy the dark side while it lasts.


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