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And so I guess today will be the last official day of waiting. No matter what happens, I will … accept it. Not like I have any other choice right hahah. Let’s see how things go today, not like I’m in the position to hope for anything already. Might do up another post tonight, if I have the mood/time to do so.

Because this, proves to me that 11:11 doesn’t work; and miracles don’t happen.



2 thoughts on “Closure

  1. I’m sorry to hear about this :/ it must be painful and sad to have been hoping so long for this… but there is still time (albeit a little) and don’t give up hope just yet, okay? And if you need a listening ear, we are all here for u /hugs/ ❤

    Go listen to BAP and Infinite okay!! And meetup soon~~ (: smileeeeeeeee dongwoo wifey

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