The Getaway

There have been regrets & things that I wish I didn’t do or those that I wish I had the courage to do. But that’s all in the past, and nobody has the power to turn the clock back in time.

With half of 2013 going by just like that, it hasn’t exactly been the best that I could imagine. May the second half of 2013 be better, maybe things will stop screwing up as badly as it might seem to.

Whatever it is, I’m pretty much looking forward to uni life (although the thought of being in a new environment scares me). May friendships continue to stay strong, and that I’ll meet worthy friends in uni that will last for a lifetime (:

Many thoughts going through my head, or rather opinions. Keeping them to myself (for now), don’t push me any further because I assure you, that a mega pissed off me isn’t exactly something you’d want to see -.-

Enough of ’em angst & issues …

On a happier note! BAP’s first new track title of three in their upcoming mini album – Coffee Shop. Really love the entire feel of it, so soothing & it’s definitely an apt song to plug into while having some me time (:

Sistar’s non track title – Crying. LOVE IT x1000 (: It’s a song I knew I had to download when I first heard it, and the lyrics are just so *o* I don’t even know how to express my thoughts but the song is just too good – especially Hyorin’s part it’s so captivating she’s just damn talented really.

Last but definitely not the least … INFINITE. Blockbuster level comeback, with Destiny which will be released on 16 July (: So excited to listen to the full song, the teaser has pretty much killed every Inspirit out there. Sounds really promising, and I’m guessing the lyrics will be WOWOWOW too hee (:

’cause you’re my destiny

Alright enough of Kpop stuff LOL.

Adelyn introduced a song to me recently, and I’m hooked onto it (: The Man Who Never Lied by Maroon 5, such an awesome song hee. So thankful for Adelyn’s taste in songs, recalling waaaay back from sec 1, I’ve practically LOVED all the song recommendations that she gave me. The Man Who Never Lied is really worth a listen, go check it out if you have time (I’m guessing you people out there have the time to do so since you’re actually reading this lame incoherent post LOL)

Anyway, I’m really excited for my upcoming Taiwan trip (: Although that means I’d prolly not be able to update from 6 July to 13 July (I’ll be back on 14 July) hmm |: As the title of this post – The Getaway. Yeah I could really use a getaway right now, to just chillax & enjoy myself, and away from Singapore for a while. To sort everything out I guess, and of course retail therapy hee (:

Shall end this post here & go prepare for tuition later, can’t wait to see my tutee!

jiejahlifejourney: true Easier say than done

x till then

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