1-7 august marked the first major event in my uni life as an NUS FASS student – FASS Oweek 2013, ConspirARTSy.

Truthfully for those who knew me before/well enough, I was skeptical about enjoying myself in this camp ‘cos the truth of being in NUS just hurts … yeah some of you understand why. I tried going to camp with an open mind, and I’m really happy I did (: Being placed in A4 Aiumph was probably the best thing that happened to me this year, everything else was just mega bad since Jan really ):

Took a while to open up to A4, evidently from First Impression game where so many said I seemed so quiet/shy/reserved at first, and started to open up more as the camp progressed. Can’t help it but I am really the kind of person who’s afraid of taking the initiative, and to trust people easily ):

Camp was insane, sleeping at approx 4am everyday and waking up at 6am was … actually pretty awesome HAHA. The lack of sleep made me really stonish yet insane enough to survive on, without feeling mega tired or anything throughout Oweek. On a side random note, I’m really fated to be in the yellow house LOL. 勤 house in NYPS, Apollo in Hwach & A house in NUS FASS.

A house tradition for the cheers to be damn sick & stuff … but now I’m missing all the lame sick amusing entertaining cheers HAHA it really grows on you after 7 days of camp, don’t judge. Uni culture is super different from Hwach as well, took me some time to get used to it. Games were more … daring as well? But kudos to the o-comm for the entire planning, serious respect (and Chinwen’s in o-comm too HAHA met her quite a few times during oweek!)

Won’t dwell into details of camp for this post ‘cos … I need to wake up early for tuition tmr! Can’t wait to meet both my tutees, I actually really miss teaching them ):

Happy that camp ended on a high note, thankful for all the experience that A4 Aiumph has given me. Proud to belong to A4 Aiumph, best OG of A house (: And our Bintan trip whoots can’t wait to hang out w the crazy awesome hilarious bunch of people again.


/I hate how I’m feeling right now, it’s like something so small can just crash my entire mood and sway it all around ugh ): I thought I told myself never to get caught in such a situation anymore, but I guess it can’t be helped. It just freaking sucks so much y’know ): So sorry yet thankful for my closest 3 friends who hear me rant about it, thanks you three, you know who you are, no need for any names.

x till then (I promise I will come up with a better post about camp when I’m feeling less lazy/not as shitty as I am feeling rn)


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