We’re all stories in the end


QUICK SHORT RANDOM INCOHERENT POST before I head back to preparing for tuition session tomorrow (:

Still currently having post-camp withdrawals ugh, this feeling sucks so badly ): I miss waking up on the cold hard concrete floor along the corridors of idk-what-dept/block/building; seeing all the sleepy faces of OG mates; enjoying all the games & HTHTs together as an A4 ): Really didn’t expect myself to be so attached to them, I guess this is just how life works. They are the first group of friends I made in uni, and that will mean a lot no matter what, won’t it?

Happy that our OG WA group convo is still as hyped up, compared to other OG’s convos. Heard from the sis that their WA convo was … dead a few days ago. Pretty saddening ): Really wish that A4’s friendship bond will stay as strong and tide all of us through these 4 years of uni all together (:

And I wonder who else in my OG will be majoring in Psych, I hope I get into my dream major + don’t think my heart will waver to other majors, because Psych is just something that I have been aiming for since … forever. Hate how my thoughts are always so complicated, I seriously don’t remember life being like that in the past ): How time/age changes all of us, it’s just one of those things we’ve got to get over it.

I kinda wna make an effort to post & update about my life every single day but I doubt it will be possible when school/lectures/tutorials start officially hmm. Shall see how it goes! Blogging is therapeutic in a sense, I can just freely throw all my thoughts in here. Not like many people are visiting endlessparadigm anyway (I think LOL).

Don’t wna lose the old me just to embrace the new chapter of life ahead

Tweeted this a few days ago (or was it yesterday I can’t remember omg). Doesn’t it make sense ): I mean yeah it’s inevitable that everyone will change at some point in time ‘cos of the new culture & environment. I just don’t want to lose that element in me that makes me … me. The crazy insane hilarious person I used to be, the personality that my friends know as Shiaowei, I don’t want it to disappear. Perhaps there will be a façade, but I know the old me is still somewhere here, and please don’t go away ):

Okay I don’t know what nonsense I am blabbering HAHA. It’s time to go collate more practice questions for my dearest tutees, may both of them ace their upcoming CA2 Math, and I can be really really proud of them yey (:


x till then


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