Take a chance, have a heart

lovequotesrus: Photo Courtesy: henzellovestosmile

“Even though I’m younger and lack that aspect of life experience, I sincerely feel for all I ever said to you. It is heart wrenching to see you going through the past pains. I am sure you remember that worst regret which was the darkest period of your life and the many other bad regrets too. But I never understood why I/we were never part of the people you considered when you wanted someone to speak to. Especially when you turn to strangers, the unsafe ones at times, but they may only give you temporary and superficial relief at best. Shouldn’t security be more important than anything else? Or do you really need more horrible nightmares? I always feel so useless and fear the worst will happen but you remain oblivious to the risks around you and my concerns. It is really heart wrenching, I hope we can return back to being young, well protected and safe without having to helplessly worry about you and have my concerns fall on deaf ears.

– the saddest, most dejected, helpless, unloved living thing”


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