New beginnings


12 August 2013. Today marks the first day of official lectures in uni, it’s yet another milestone (: Can’t believe I am awake at an insane timing of 8.39am typing this … for those who know me, I am really really really not a morning person |: but somehow I naturally woke up just now hmm. Maybe it’s the nerves etc, I don’t knowww.

It’s time to start looking at things from a different perspective, time to step a little out of my comfort zone, time to start integrating into this big new family of NUS FASS. One good thing about my timetable (excluding tutorials that aren’t finalised), is that I have no morning lessons (: No more waking up before the sun rises just to prepare for school yey (:

First lecture today at 4-6pm, and another following at 6-8pm. I need to promise myself, to really mug hard in uni ): Alright time to go print lecture notes & settle all the stuff before I’m able to properly embrace what’s coming up ahead in life for me (:

To everyone out there/reading this, all the best for uni. I shall make an effort to update as often as I can (: Cliché as it may be,

“Nobody said it would be easy. But you know it’s going to be worth it.”


x till then (:


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