Unsaid feelings

Maybe it’s the thoughts that scare you. Or maybe it’s just all the imagination. Or maybe it’s both.

First week of official lessons (or rather just lectures) as a uni student is finally overrrr. I find it insane how I’m feeling stressed out over uni stuff already and it’s been barely a week with just mainly intro lectures for my 5 mods so far ): Really wonder how I’m gon be able to survive the coming 4 years sigh. I’ll handle it as it goes, along the way, somehow I guess.

Don’t know if I made the wrong choices in selecting my 5 modules this sem hmm. For one, I have 2 math related modules (yes I know I’m in FASS LOL), the irony isn’t it? And one science-ish mod. Only 2 mods belonging to FASS this sem (y) And the main concern is …… dumb/blur/stupid me forgot to check the exam dates x__x so guess who has three finals on the same day ugh. Soci @ 9am, Genes & society @ 1pm, Psych @ 5pm. I swear 26 Nov is my doomsday omg ): Finals for this sem will conclude on 2 Dec, and it will be holidays whoo can’t wait for December to come. It will always be my favourite month, without any doubt (:

Promise to self: to be hardworking in uni, and keep up with lectures/tutorials. Too big a risk to gamble with, got to keep on the safe side & make sure I’m always on the right track sigh ): Growing up is such a tedious process, who would have thought it would be so torturous.

‘was looking through pictures on FB, took a trip down memory lane ): I really miss those carefree days, and I miss my sec school/JC friends so damn badly ugh. I know I made new great friends in uni (being in A4 for FASS Oweek is really the best OG I could ever ask for), but things just don’t feel the same without ’em friends from the past.

Because those are the friends who have survived through crazy insane times with me, those are the friends whom I’ve confided in infinite times, those are the friends who know my story & life happenings/ramblings as I grow up ): Everything really just feels so … different without them. I don’t want the day to come where we all become more and more distant, is it possible to have a closely-knit friendship cherished by everyone, and nothing will change that even if we’re in different unis/faculties? ):

Thinking about the future just scares me, too many uncertainties, and I don’t even know what to hope for, can someone tell me exactly what path lies ahead of me?

yanilavigne: More quotes here..




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