If these wings could fly


Feeling really shitty right now as some of you may know ): I feel so bad … but I really have no choice – there simply isn’t any other alternative. I guess this would be my biggest regret in these 2 years, ‘am really hoping the best for her sigh. Leaving for the last time today was just … heartbreaking. I don’t exactly know why I am even feeling this way, but yeah I did. I wish I could get over this soon ): Sigh.

Life has been pretty much mundane these days, and I’m feeling really drained everyday even though I haven’t been doing much stuff x__x I need to snap out of this soon and really pay more attention to my studies, this first sem of uni is so damn important it is practically going to determine my path for the rest of my life (more or less I guess). Please let me successfully get to major in Psychology, it really means too much to me to let it just slip away from my fingers ): And I know the amount of regret I will have will never fade away if I fail to do so. So yup, time to start bucking up and be more diligent ):

I miss my childhood, I miss Guiding, I miss my JC life/friends/cliques, I miss all my best friends ): Life has been feeling so burdenful these days to the point I feel so … detached from everyone I was once close to ): And that feeling sucks so much. I can’t wait for MAF, I’ll get to meet up face-to-face with all ’em important people in my life, back to Hwach, damn I really didn’t expect myself to miss Hwach that much till it scares me ): So damn freaking thankful for the short meet-up with Amanda that day @ FOS, I miss crapping with her ): And all her random Monday syndromes etc.

My post sounds so depressing & such ugh. On a happier note …

Survivor Season #27 is going to premiere soon! Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Looks like it will be a really interesting season ahead, especially since they’re bringing Redemption Island back (but with a twisttt), looking forward to it (: I hope I will have the time to watch it omg, I miss those days when I never failed to catch Survivor every Friday midnight. Those were the days when life wasn’t as … complicated as they are now. Whatever it is, mid-sept will be the premiere of this season, I need to find more Survivor fans out there (:

PERSEVERE EVERYONE, too many of my friends around me are getting sad/depressed these days ): cheer up all of you, life will get better okay (:

Shout-out to my hierarchy tier babe: CHEER UP. We will meet soon in 23 days, you can do it (: Life may be tough but you’re tougher than life.

Alright time to hit the books again. P.S. I need to sort my feelings out soon ):




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