Like a puzzle we are broken

Quick post before I continue clearing the insane amount of work that has piled up from just 2 weeks of proper uni lectures (and tutorials haven’t even begun yet sigh).

Saw this quote on tumblr that’s really … apt & it makes so much sense.

Words. How little they mean when you’re a little too late.

Timing’s really everything. In whatever aspects of life, timing really matters. In tests, in exams, in friendships, in relationships etc. I guess sometimes missed chances will result in really different outcomes ): I don’t know what I’m talking about okay I should stop being so random/incoherent ugh.

Have I mentioned how therapeutic tumblr is? Pardon me if I have, because it really really really is (: I love tumblring when I’m bored/tired of studying/just need a short simple getaway from reality. Maybe it’s because of all the quotes out there that are so relatable to, or pictures that are so pretty/serene, makes me calm & happy hee.

Tutorials are starting next week, week 3 of uni is here omg. Time really flies so quickly it’s even faster than the mugging period for A’s & stuff sigh ): In the blink of an eye, finals will be here (and over). Don’t know why I keep feeling so damn drained even though I haven’t exactly been doing much …… must be the 8-month hiatus from studying that’s taking its toll on me now. At least the 8 months were well spent (I think), okay it’s time to make each and every second of the coming 4 years in my life worthwhile.

Meeting ’em 11S7G classmates who are in NUS next Tuesday for dinner, I miss 11S7G. Can’t wait for the dinner meetup, just a few more days come on let’s go (: I really miss everyone omg (just like Amanda & her amusing I-miss-you-all syndrome). Still don’t feel accustomed to being an undergrad of NUS, when people ask me what’s my school, the first answer that pops up in my mind is still Hwach and not NUS ):

Alright it’s time to continue my assignments & infinite number of readings ): Weekends don’t feel like weekends anymore. I kind of miss my life. Survive well everyone

unicornfreakk: ❁


P.S. hello readers care to tell me who you are ‘cos I see visits to endlessparadigm everyday from the stats hee k drop me a text if you can/want/dare LOL thanks for reading my lame blog k bye for real



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