These secrets are walls that keep us alone


Because mine are ): I really don’t like how my thoughts seem to have a way of its own – even my subconscious has one on its own as well ugh. Maybe it will be better if I learnt how to lucid dream … so I can control who does & doesn’t appear in my dreams. These few days have been killing me, I can’t even explain why I’m feeling this way and such anymore.

During psych tutorial today, we had the debate of monism vs. dualism. After all the discussion I think I’m more towards supporting the idea of dualism? Such issues are so intriguing, it’s interesting to listen to the different perspectives that people have, and the concepts of such ideas (: After all, everything boils down to the matter of perspectives.

Really enjoy the company I have in psych tut as well, Huimin & Daryll are such entertaining tutorial mates for psych. Looking forward to week 7, when we will have our next psych tutorial (feels like it’s such a long time later lol).

We were told to introduce our friends during psych tutorial, instead of us introducing ourselves. So I introduced Huimin, Huimin introduced Daryll, and Daryll introduced me. It was … amusing ‘cos we said lame stuff for each other. Anyway the introduction made me question myself again – “Why are you interested in taking psychology, and what are your intended careers/ambitions that you have?”

To be honest … I didn’t say the entire truth about why I am interested in taking psychology. And I guess nobody will ever know the actual reason hmm, it’s just something more personal. For those who know me long enough, they know I’ve been wanting to pursue a career/degree in psychology since forever. And certain issues that happened along the way in my 18 years of life thus far has affirmed my decision. So now all I can do is to hope for the best, and really get to major in psychology after sem 2 (:

Sociology lecture today was so interesting as well ‘cos Huimin allowed me to vandalise her lecture notes hee. Thank you Huimin (although I don’t think you’d ever see this hahah), I will do all the random doodles on foolscap paper instead from next lecture onwards, so we can add colour to the doodlings & draw even more whee (: Thanks for being such a great sport & being so chill about everything. Thankful to have made such a great friend in uni, and it leads back to how grateful I am to be in A4 Aiumph. Missing that whole awesome bunch of people still, it feels good to see them along corridors etc.

And of course one of the major highlights of the week ….. 11S7G MINI GATHERING @ NUS (: So initially it was just ’em NUS people from 7G + Hanxin who’s flying off to UCLA soon. What came as a total surprise was …. the girls from NTU came as well (although Yumin & Belinda weren’t there sigh). I swear the moment I found out that my dearest hierarchy tier mate was coming and I could see her in real life (and not via Snapchat or whatever), I was so elated I could cry buckets of tears I’m not even kidding. I really really really miss JC clique so much ): Thank you to: Amanda Sheryin Songyang Yueqi Jingwen Yingxin Enying Hanxin, for such a memorable night on 27 Aug ’13.

It felt so great just sitting at Town Green & catching up about how we’re all suffering/dying/sian of uni already LOL. And sharing different stories etc, and all the reminiscing. The meetup wasn’t long enough – but then again no amount of time would have been enough. The feeling of parting after the meetup sucked so much ): ‘cos the next time we can all meet again will prolly be 14 sept – Hwach MAF. I’m counting down to the days, really can’t wait for MAF to come, and we will all be reunited once again (: Because nobody can steal that spot reserved in my heart for the special people in my life.

28 Aug’s so many people’s birthday. Shoutout to: Zining + Meishan + Junhao, happy 17th/19th/21st birthday respectively! May school/life be good for all of you, and hope y’all had an enjoyable birthday. (Isn’t it cool I just realised their all 2 years apart #randomobservation)

Can’t wait to get through the week, meeting Meina on Friday for lunch @ Hwang’s, so excited whee seriously the best angel ever who I can be lame/high/trust her with my secrets etc.


Really have a thing for vintage-ish stuff I don’t know why, just appeals to me somehow (: Anyway … Sudden addiction to Snapchat all over again. People out there if you have Snapchat please Snapchat me/add me! It keeps me entertained/form of stress relief. And I should prolly head back to hitting the books my life is so mundane now I hate it ugh k bye




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