And all these masks we wore

I want to grow up not because I hate my parents or want to get out of home but because I want the freedom to do tiny things like decide what furniture goes in my house and what colour the walls are. And if I should go out at night rather than stay in doing work for once I want to decide what music to play in my own home and how loud it is. I want to experience the world without a barrier and to be able to express who I am through the little details.

Update update update hello endlessparadigm you’ve been updated quite frequently these days I hope it will last hee (: This will be my last post of August though … (okay I should stop being lame it’s 31 Aug already any post after this will be dated Sept & beyond LOL).

And ….. where did 2013 go omg I don’t remember 8 months going by so quickly just like that. And before I know it, December will be over and I’d have turned 19 noooo. I kind of like being 18, makes me feel young. I used to be really fond of birthdays, my reasoning being how birthdays only occur once a year and hence it’s a special day. But as the years go by, the significance of birthdays start to fade, is this normal/what is wrong with me ): Whatever it is, one of my best friend’s birthday is coming right up in 9 days, so excited yey ☺

Yesterday’s late night twitter conversations with ’em OG mates was nice (: Although I missed by 11,111th tweet replying to them omg I have been waiting so long for my 11,111th tweet to come ): but maybe this is fate, shan’t bother about it anymore. Chances only come once, deleting previous tweets just so to make the tweet count drop back for me to catch my 11,111th tweet just doesn’t feel as … genuine ): So I shall leave it as it is.

Enough about that hmm. I am pissed/sad ‘cos my hot pink nail pen (don’t judge) I ordered online hasn’t arrived and it has been more than one week already ): So much for having fast delivery ugh, I hope I didn’t get cheated I really want to test out this new nail pen ‘cos it looks so interesting and the colors look attractive *o* can my package please come soon ): On a side note, I need to stop browsing through all the online shopping stuff if I don’t have as much self control (and evidently I don’t) LOL.

Weekends are meant for relaxation + catching up with work, but I feel as though I haven’t done much today D: Collated the amount of work debt that I’ve incurred from these 3 weeks of uni and it’s just … horrendous omg. Need to start clearing ’em soon, Shiaowei please be more hardworking/not procrastinate/be smarter D: And I need to stop falling asleep on the floor randomly LOL slept on the floor for approx 30 minutes today -__-

Did I mention how stupid I feel ‘cos Weiming can do the linear alg tut but I can’t LOL. I think I was just born stupid ugh save me help me I am confused and it’s just the second chapter only … I really don’t want to screw linear alg up because it’s math. And math is a subject that I love a lot ): SIGHPIE.

Everyone has been doing the 20 facts about themselves … maybe I’ll post mine up here on endlessparadigm soon (: If I’m hardworking enough it shall be my first post of September and if I’m not then … wait for it LOL. Typing it here > posting it on FB/insta ‘cos I can type more and it’s more personal here I guess.

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Most things about me are hard to explain, I guess, like how I’m mostly delusional and live in a half-imaginary world but am also a realist to the core. I’m just a bunch of contradictions more of the time and I don’t like it, but I also do.



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