Deepest kind of silence

Today has been an interesting fun-filled packed memorable day (: Won’t dwell too much into details, my life is too boring hahah ): Anyway completed two more RPs with Huimin tdy whee, and after next week when I complete one more, it’s just 8 more RPs to participate in and I have cleared the quota. But it’s so hard to find RPs to do/slots keep getting snatched away so quickly x__x and I can’t possibly camp at the RP website to wait for new ones right ): That doesn’t even make any sense in the first place hmm.

Relieved childhood days with Huimin & Daryll today! Did sand art hee it’s so fun I love playing with sand art especially when it turns out to be super pretty & such (: So we spent approx 1.5h helping Daryll with it, and prolly got judged by 23569086 people who walked past our bench but WHO CARES. I bet they are secretly jealous inside that we get to play with such cool stuff and they don’t (ignore me & my random blabberings HAHA). But it was really really fun (: Maybe I’ll go get one and do too hee. I really miss my childhood ):

Genes & society lecture was spent … doing my Living Dying with Mathematics tutorial LOL. A big thank you to Jiamin + Jiahui + Yunwei + Daryll, for helping me solve ’em mind boggling questions! And the 3 girls are so amusing they just had to take a picture of my tutorial worksheet as evidence of how weird math in uni is -__- So thankful for them, amazing & interesting bunch of friends from A4 (: And for once I am interested/excited for my Dying with Math tutorial tomorrow, just to know if all the reasoning that we came up with is correct or wrong. Basically didn’t pay attention to the genes & society lecture AT ALL, whoooops.

September has been a good month so far although it has barely started for 2 days. May this trend continue & let the month get even better please (: 12 more days to MAF, I really can’t wait to meet up with everyone again.

Talking about childhood from just now ….. I REALLY MISS MY CHILDHOOD ): And that is an understatement. Looking through all the pictures from my childhood makes me feel nostalgic all over again ugh. Reminiscing the past is something I like to do (: It allows me to see how far I’ve came since 1994, it’s amazing looking back on some key events that happened in my life actually. All these bits and pieces may seem insignificant at first glance, but they are the puzzle pieces that shape me to be who I am today.

I know I said I’ll post up 20 facts (I promise it will be interesting LOL), but not today. Or at least not now. Maybe later/tomorrow, wait for it hahah k bye imma enjoy mugging in this cooling rainy weather (MY ALL TIME FAVE WEATHER). Can’t wait for tomorrow to come when I can meet my dearest dearie YOU ARE MISSED x INFINITE ):

And Shiaowei is a really really really happy girl today x


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