Nine of September, two-oh-one-three

9th September 2013.

It’s a really special day every year, because today marks the day where my mum and one of my best friends turns one year older.

First up, happy birthday to my dearest mummy


Giving me unconditional love since 1994, I’m sorry for all the troubles that I’ve given you all these while, especially in the recent years. I’m sorry for not being as obedient/filial as I could have been, and always making you worry about me because of my recklessness ): There may have been tough times, things may not go as smoothly, but thank you for being so strong and being the pillar of support for me. Thank you for always thinking about me & sis before you think for yourself, your selflessness in always wanting the best for us, and constantly putting the two of us as your main priority. I know you don’t like us to spend too much on you, but hope you will love your birthday present this year, it’s something you’ve always wanted (: I can still remember the times when we were young, how you used to take care of us so well (you still do), how noble you are to give up your career just to be a stay home mom for me & sis. I remember how I used to run to you crying after I’ve woken up in the middle of the night from a nightmare (that’s really frequent), and you will coax me back to sleep. I remember you humming 500 Miles as a sleep time lullaby, it makes me feel so safe every time I hear it now. And thanks for being such a cool mum, with all the different things you let us explore/do, and even attempting to highlight my hair for me. I love you, mama lim, happy birthday ❤ please stay healthy & happy.


Next, happy birthday Vanessa dearie


Time really flies … we first met as batchmates in Nanyang Guides in 2007, and became closer because we were in buddy patrols. I’ve always wondered if we would be such good friends if we weren’t in buddy patrols in sec 1 hmm. But whatever it is, so thankful for this friendship of 7 years and going strong (: Thinking about it, this is literally the toughest friendship I’ve ever had till now – in terms of the number of ups and downs it has experienced along the way. Best friendship ever, yet with the worst fall outs too. All these bits and pieces of our friendship makes this bond so unique, and nobody will understand it apart from us (: Thanks for always being there for me & not judging me, accepting me for who I am. I like how we never seem to run out of things to talk about, texting every single day about everything and anything in the world. It has been a long way since 2007, I’ll treasure all ’em memories, be it good or bad. Because all these memories shaped our friendship to be what it is today, and I do not regret any single part of it at all (: What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Definitely a friendship that I will treasure, and all the best in med school alright ❤ Shall keep this short & sweet, more content in your birthday text + letter from me, and so excited to meet you to pass you your birthday letter & prezzie (: Happy 19th PBJD, wishing for everything to go smoothly for you, and all the best in your future endeavors x



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