Fire to ember, ember to ashes

Because not everything needs to be reciprocated the same way.

Update! It’s the Monday of recess week and to be honest … it was far from productive. And that sucks considering how soon midterms are hmm. Stupid me for choosing all 5 modules with midterms zz. Thankful that Genes & Society midterms are over, with full marks for the test thanks to A4 teamwork power (: It’s probably the easiest midterms ever seriously. At least that’s one down! Mid term schedule as follows:

01 Oct: Psychology

02 Oct: Living with Mathematics

04 Oct: Linear Algebra

09 Oct: Sociology

Did I mention (no obviously i haven’t) that psych midterms are AT NIGHT??? Way too cool and hopefully it’ll turn out well since I’m more of a night person than a daytime kind of person. Because of the cohort size for PL1101E, the midterms are gon be from 8-10pm. Hope it will be manageable, can’t afford to screw up this after all since I have hopes of majoring in psych x__x

And of course … amidst all the mugging & stress, super looking forward to 05 Oct ‘cos it’s INFINITE OGSSG (: Can’t wait for it, it seems so surreal, and it will be my first time going to moshpit for a concert. Mixed feelings, mega excited because I’ve been waiting for so long for it. And that’s one of my main motivations to get me through uni life so far … what lies beyond 05 Oct? ): Need to have something else to work towards already ugh. Can’t wait for OGSSG, I already know it’s gon be an awesome day of queuing + night of Infinite hotness *o* And of course the great company for the concert, every single bit of 05 Oct is making me all jumpy wheeeee.

Many events that I haven’t posted about and I will prolly post it all after midterms only …… including Hwach MAF 2013 + Kaile’s 1st Birthday Party! And many other random small stuff that I want to talk about I guess. These few days have changed my perspectives on someone big time and I’m … not sure if it’s a good thing sigh. But I need to be firm in what I believe in, shouldn’t I? It has been a long way, a long time, I should be feeling guilty of even thinking that way but ugh from what people tell me + what I read … I really don’t know what to believe in anymore. Help help help ugh

Complications aside, I swear my entire life has been a lie so far. And I’m living in a facade. But I’m cool with it, I guess.




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