Some days


Half of the week is over … and that means we are slowly edging towards Saturday *o* OGSSG on Saturday has pretty much been the reason why I’m still persevering on in school, my motivation. According to sources, they will be arriving at the airport tonight approx 9.30/10pm! And they will be at Paragon for a Meet&Greet session tomorrow at 12.45pm which I won’t be able to go for since I’m having Linear alg midterms at 4.15pm. Whatever it is, despite my love for them to be Infinite (so punny haha), I must not sacrifice my results or anything! Can’t wait to survive this hectic hell of a week, and definitely well rewarded on Saturday despite having to queue early in the morning for mosh pit wrist tagging.

It has been a really eventful week, and happy to say that Psych + Living w math midterm papers are over hee. I’ll talk more about them after all midterms have ended I guess, don’t exactly have much time on my hands now. ‘ve got to finish up/finalise psych midterm scientific paper, then continue to mug for Linear alg I hope I won’t screw it up *crosses fingers* 

Proper update tomorrow after I get home from linear alg midterms!






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