Forever is over

Guilty of not updating properly for some time … but here it is! It’s funny how people still visit endlessparadigm despite the obvious lack of updates/boring lame posts that are 99% of the time incoherent. I’m cool/weird this way though.

Wind Symphony concert last Saturday night with Tzehan to support Huimin (: Good job for the concert, it was really nice/amusing at times. Loved the pieces during The Sound of Music, it was so captivating & what-not (: And that marks the first uni-based concert that I’ve attended in NUS. Hope you like the flowers/choc hee (: 

Oh and just something random. I planted some sunflower seeds at home on 26 Oct, hoping that they will grow soon yey (: Takes weeks/months for them to grow, it would be cool if they bloom by my birthday in dec, marking exactly 2 months since they were first planted. I remember planting such flowers etc in kindergarten, although honestly I wasn’t capable of doing much then. Whatever it is, it’s just fun to do something leisure amidst busy times in uni, fighting against the clock to meet deadlines/mugging just to do well for finals etc. Sunflowers, please bloom soon (: And maybe I’ll go get more types of flower seeds to plant, I swear this gets addictive LOL.

Feeling slightly better now, yesterday was insane. The night before I woke up at approx 4.30am, feeling as though I was literally burning/on fire. And when I woke up proper in the morning, fever was here to visit me. Highest recorded temperature was 38.6deg, I think my brain was cooked or something omg. Been long since I had a fever, but once I fall sick it gets really serious ): Felt so groggy the entire day with no appetite/all I wanted to do was to just sleeeeep. But I ended up sleeping only at 12.30am, so much for “let’s sleep early to get a speedy recovery”. I really shouldn’t be playing with my health. And I need to stop relying on Panadol. It’s bad.

Thought catalog. It’s a really cool website, with many good reads in it. Constantly updated, I like reading the articles there, do give it a chance/check them out, you won’t regret (: I foresee myself reblogging more posts from there – but don’t worry not too many or endlessparadigm’s actual posts would just be lost in the ocean of reblogs. And that will make my blog somewhat like how Tumblr functions, wouldn’t want that to happen. That’s a reason why I have a tumblr, for tumblring purposes after all (:

I think the human heart/mind is really intriguing. They seem to constantly be in agreement, and yet when we meet the possible toughest decisions in life, they step into two different perspectives, arguments, idk. And it starts making you confused about everything & your mind wandering, and wondering. But I remember this quote I saw on tumblr, and it goes something like “Don’t let your mind help you decide the matters of the heart.” And then it all made sense. All the pieces started to fall into place. Trust your heart’s decisions, you won’t go wrong. Okay you might, but at least you know for sure you won’t regret. At least I know I wouldn’t. 


Ahh okay I don’t know what I’m talking about so bye x



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