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THIS AIN’T GON BE A LONG/PROPER UPDATE BECAUSE I AM SO DRAINED RIGHT NOW. But I remembered something that I forgot to post about yesterday so here I am!

Went out some day last week after school with my dearest FASS seniors Meina & Qijin (: Went to J8, main aim was to chillax + have dinner together + watch Insidious 2. And since we were all Inspirits … it was necessary to head to Comics Connection! We were such kind souls who helped them arrange their stuff properly *coughs* and we kind of displayed all the Infinite merchandises at the front instead of being buried at the back (: It was really obvious that Inspirits went to Comics Connection because wherever they displayed kpop merch – Infinite was just BAM. Right in your face ^^ Proud to be Inspirits, thankful to have such crazy awesome friends.

Dinner at Ramen Play, and Insidious 2 with Qijin! Insidious 2 was really gooooood + funny at times (yes I know it’s a horror movie but hey there were funny scenes okay). And we were being obsessed with stuff like “Omg the camera batt in the movie has 78%! And now it dropped to 77%!” and “The thing hanging on the door looks like an Infinite sign” HAHA. Can’t blame us for being such dedicated Inspirits (‘: I think 99% of you reading this post won’t understand what I’m talking about but it’s okay, Inspirits will understand hee.

I love such outings, can’t wait for our Inspirits family gathering/sleepover for our watch-everything-of-Infinite-since-they-debut together with my 4 favorite Inspirits, it’s gon be so exciting, can’t wait for holidays to come! Just slightly more than 1 month more, I must persevere yes I must (:

On a sidenote, today was an awesome day in school but I’m really too drained to type about it so, maybe tomorrow!

Days like this, I feel so, so thankful x

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