Stay gold

First post of November! 

Made an effort to be happy/contented/at peace with myself yesterday. Because I always believe that the month should start on a happy note in order for the rest of the month to be a smooth/awesome one (: I know it might sound stupid but hey, there’s no harm in doing that right? All you people should try it too. Somehow makes life seem more fulfilling. After all, if you take a step back and watch how your life has been progressing thus far, there are actually so many little things to be thankful for, if only we bother to realize their existence, and the impact they might have, albeit them being small/seemingly insignificant matters. Said this many times and I’ll say it again, it’s all these little things in life that make life worth so much more than it already is (:

Thought things through and it’s time to get my life back on track … I’ve strayed too far from the road I planned to take at the beginning of my uni life. It might be too late to salvage the entire situation, but I’ll get through it, and make next sem an even better one. Because it is that important to do so. It might be tiring & tedious at times, but no regrets. It’ll be worth it ultimately, I’ll look back and be able to tell myself that I’m contented with the amount of effort I put in, hopefully to get me to where I want in the future. Life’s too short to be wasting all ’em precious time away after all.

With all that said, I’m quite happy with my progress since November started (yes I know it’s barely the second day of November but it was a good start to the month and that is really, really important to me). The module that I’ve procrastinated the most is Living with mathematics, and I’m glad I decided to start working on it. Sis told me that Enciphering was a fun/cool topic, so I started with that since all the chapters aren’t linked. And now I’m really enjoying, for the first time in these few months did it dawn upon me that perhaps taking this module wasn’t such a bad choice after all – substantiating that point with the fact that this IS about math, and I love math.


This is really true. It takes a lot for someone to break down those walls guarding my heart, so when I let someone in and trust them fully, I expect them to reciprocate that trust and not abuse the secrets I entrust them with. With that said, I’m so thankful for the people in my life whom take the time to listen to my troubles & woes, genuinely giving my advice, or simply just asking me at random times if I’m okay. I appreciate these gestures more than I can express them, and it brings these friendships to a whole new level. It’s almost like a sanctuary where I feel safe despite secrets & unhappiness, knowing that someday if I eventually do fall, there are those who care about my well-being, and hence letting me depend on them (: Life is like trust fall (I miss doing trust fall in Guides it was fun), trusting your safety to your peers. In life, do make a conscious effort to look out for – and keep close to your heart – those whom you’d trust to catch you in trust fall. And make sure you stay true to them.

Suddenly felt so reflective & what-not, sorry if my posts bore you. I think that’s enough for a post today, time to head back to researching for Genes & Society CA03 assignmentttt.


There’s really so much to be thankful for x


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