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Sony MDR World Wide Performer – INFINITE

Best Male Group – INFINITE

And the two pictures above depicted the defining moments as an Inspirit during MAMA 2013, held in Hong Kong on 22 Nov 2013. ‘was overwhelmed with feels while watching MAMA 2013 last night amidst all the insane spazzing with Inspirits/friends (‘: currently still feeling the bliss & insane amount of happiness, hence I’m going to do a short update before heading back to study!

Infinite performed alongside Troublemaker & it was a really good performance, although the storyline was lame/totally unnecessary imo. Infinite performed BTD + Destiny, it was pure awesomeness & hotness from the 7 boys *o* However … the cameraman needs to get his priorities right – what’s the point of showing reactions/views of other idols when Infinite (and also other idols) is performing?! And what’s the point of having long distance shots – like oh let’s play try-to-spot-the-performers game?! It was so ridiculous to the point we were literally fuming mad ugh, especially when they cut off the ending. Anyway, what’s important is that Infinite did such an awesome job in their performance, considering how tired they must be after rushing from country to country for their OGS World Tour *o* Felt so damn :’)

And the first award that Infinite received was the Sony MDR World Wide Performer :”’) Feeling so proud that their efforts, sweat and tears have been recognised. They really do deserve this award – I mean they are on a World Tour now!! It came as a shock initially ‘cos we didn’t know of the existence of this award but … mega spazzing (‘: And they mentioned Dongwoo’s birthday + Dongwoo spoke *o* So so so so proud & happy for them! Nothing beats having their sincerity recognised.

From then on, our Inspirits WA convo was just occasionally spazzing & occasionally dissing *coughs*. ‘cos we thought that Best Male Group would be some other group that I shan’t mention, so when they were giving that award we were all just “come on please get over and done with this already ugh” ……… until the prize presenter said INFINITE. I literally shrieked out WHAT!?. That single moment was infinite (no pun intended) (okay maybe it was intended) :’) Once again, it was the best moment of the night for both Infinite & Inspirits. On a sidenote, I think it’s so disheartening that a certain rookie group literally displayed their unhappiness & disdain on their faces upon realisation that they weren’t the recipients of Best Male Group. It was just really .. rude ugh.

22 Nov 2013, a day that was really happening. It was Dongwoo’s birthday as well, & #24thDongziziDAY was trending 1st worldwide + in 6 countries ^^ Winning the 2 awards during MAMA 2013 came off as a surprise for Infinite & Inspirits, but it must be the best present that Dongwoo can receive on his birthday :’)

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Mandatory as a Dongwoo-biased to do a picture collage on Dongziziday :’) & seeing all the genuine smiles on their faces despite being tired & all last night, it was in that instance, where I knew that, choosing to join this Inspirits family is possibly one of the best decisions made thus far.

Shall end this post here and continue mugging, feeling really much better right now! Ending off with a new-found quote yesterday, and this is gon get me through the tough days from now on:

The moment when you’re about to give up is generally a moment right before a miracle happens.” – Jang Dong Woo

Happiness, thankful, blissful; this love is infinite x

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