Stay golden


Sem 2 is starting in 3 days’ time and … I haven’t managed to secure 5 modules yet. So much for always planning ahead, making my timetable nice with 4-day work weeks & what-nots ): Everything doesn’t work out. Sucks to be a freshie, because the amount of points that we have makes it impossible to compete with the seniors ugh, even with showhand and all, our maximum bid is just, PATHETIC. Currently have 4 modules, x fingers that I’ll be able to get the last module on Monday! Or else, it’s time for yet another backup plan (which I don’t have yet since I’ve exhausted about … 4 backups already yup. That’s how screwed I am)

Otherwise, I’m actually pretty excited to get back to studying I have no idea why at all. Hopefully this motivation/perseverance will be able to last through the entire sem, after all an overseas trip is on the line, can’t risk it! So this sem I’ll be a good girl and make sure that I study hard/conscientiously attend lectures AND tutorials hee. I’ll try.

Returning back to the days where I think too much constantly ): And at times like this, I wonder what would have been of us if we weren’t that screwed up in the past. Maybe things could work out, I don’t know. Too late for regrets or anything, but maybe it wasn’t meant to be after all. Some things in life work so weirdly hmm, I’ll accept it as it is (:

Cannot emphasize how important Thought Catalog is to me in my life, reading through all ’em posts there and mentally agreeing/gaining new insights & perspectives about so many things. Life is definitely not, and shouldn’t be, restricted to just studying. Hopefully I’ll find a proper goal to work towards apart from being a full-time undergraduate! So many aspirations, so many dreams, but ultimately what’s stopping me? I don’t exactly know.

Foresee the coming sem to be a really really tedious/tiring one, but with the tentative overseas trip after the sem, with Avril’s concert in Feb, & among everything else, some fangirling as well, hopefully it will tide me through all the tough times! Took an entire sem to get used (more or less) to uni life, and I’m tired of being the cushion for everyone else on the bell curve. This time, I want to do well too, and be a cushion no more.

2014 has been average, but I’m positive that it will get better from now on! Let’s all be optimistic guys, and make the start of sem 2 in uni a good one YEY.

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