[UPDATED] The Avril Lavigne Tour


Singing radiohead at the top of our lungs

With the boombox blaring as we’re falling in love

Got a bottle of whatever but it’s getting us drunk

Singing here’s to never growing up

15 February 2014 marks the night where I first met Avril Lavigne in real life. And it was purely amazing + perfection. The first split second I saw her in real life … it was so damn surreal. I still can’t believe it *o*

Got really hyped up & overwhelmed with feels during the entire concert, it was mega insane with all the screaming/shouting/singing & what-nots! She sang a total of 17 songs, all of which were live (with her awesome band who performed alongside Avril for the entire concert). Thankful that our seats were all the way in front at the first row, with a perfect view of the entire stage *o*

[UPDATED] Going to add in the set-list because I don’t ever want to forget any of the songs that I have witnessed Avril perform live!

Intro video
Hello Kitty
Rock N Roll
Here’s To Never Growing Up
I Always Get What I Want
Hush Hush
Let Me Go
My Happy Ending
Don’t Tell Me

(Encore 1)
Bad Girl
He Wasn’t
Losing Grip
Sk8er Boi

(Encore 2)
What The Hell
I’m With You

The 2 songs that struck me the most was Complicated + I’m With You. Okay to be fair, ALL the songs made me have goosebumps & made me overwhelmed with all the feels that I could possibly feel in that instance. Avril has THAT kind of a great impact on me, no kidding.

Complicated – how Avril mentioned during the concert that it was her first song ever in her career – her debut song in 2002. The way she sang it with so much passion, how her vocals completely serenaded the entire indoor stadium, how sincere she sounded in every single lyric she sang out tonight. She acknowledged all the Black Stars that stayed with her since day 1, it gives off such a fuzzy feeling :’) After all, it has been 12 whole years, it wasn’t an easy feat but she did it. And these were her exact words she said:

I started the Avril Lavigne tour a couple of weeks ago, and I’m so happy to be here in Singapore tonight. And i want to thank anybody out there, and dedicate this song to everybody out there who has been a fan of mine since Day 1. Thank you so much, this is my very first single, Complicated.

I’m With You – this was the final song of the concert. Calm & peaceful song, everyone in the audience was singing along with Avril, how she looked so happy that we all knew all the lyrics despite I’m With You being one of the earlier songs she released (looong ago). And in that moment I felt the pure bliss & happiness :’) I didn’t know the people around me personally (except for my sis aka awesome videographer for the night thanks sis), but at that moment, we all knew we were proud Black Stars for Avril Lavigne.

I’m really really really thankful to have been able to see her perform live tonight. I got to witness her pop punk princess attitude, listen to her powerful vocals sing live & going so steady throughout the entire concert. I don’t regret one bit being a Black Star since young, because her songs are my inspiration, to get me through the rough days :’) All the lyrics, the melody of songs that she arranged & composed on her own, it’s more than sincere, it’s simply genuine.

Won’t say much about this, but it’s definitely a night worth remembering & reminiscing, a night that I’ll etch in my memory forever, a night that I’ll give anything just to experience it all over again. I’m still mega overwhelmed with feels now omg. After all, there’s something magical in seeing your all-time favorite performer right in front of your eyes, serenading the audience with her songs (‘:

15 February 2014, The Avril Lavigne Tour (Live in Singapore), thank you for the memories x

It’s a damn cold night

Trying to figure out this life

Won’t you take me by the hand

Take me somewhere new

I don’t know who you are but,

I’m with you (‘:




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