There comes a time when you have to choose between

turning the page or closing the book.

This choice is heavy & may scare you,

But it’s your choice.

What do you want?


And you had me at that inevitable beginning, you had me the moment you walked through the door. It’s the inside jokes and bits & pieces of anecdotes that would make perfect sense to no one but you. It’s all of these nuisances – the accumulation of innate snippets that lead me straight to your bait and hook. I don’t know why it matters, or why your presence and absence is more poignant than the rest. Maybe it’s the fact that we didn’t say goodbye but see you later.

And when the soon meets the later and my wants outweigh the fear, maybe then I will speak up. Maybe then I will know. Because you are alive and real, right here, right now, in my mind’s little cinema, where I see you in colors that don’t exist.


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