Missing Something You Never Had

Thought Catalog

You thought you had them. You took pictures with them and made plans with them and felt them when the darkness of night left you blind. And now that you’re without them you cannot help but think, “How funny, to miss something I never had”, which is inevitably followed by a sore smile and a forced laugh. 

Their touches were soft, almost translucent. At times you overlooked them as nothing more than the soft flutters of a sure love you’d be experiencing forever. Now you crave what you took for granted, drowning in some overplayed cliche fit for television dramas. 

You’ve made the necessary and often awkward announcement to friends and family. Each informative sentence packs a period that cuts through any self-medicating delusion you’ve managed to create. Reality is inescapable. You will never see them or feel them or hear them again. 

Every “I’m sorry” or “everything happens for…

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