Night & Day


Imma love you night & day

I love you 24 hours, thank you for being you

It’s amazing every time I see you, you’re so beautiful

The sun rises high during the day, the moon rises at night

Because I will always protect you

Above lyrics quoted from Night & Day by Wheesung, it’s an amazing song that caught my ears almost immediately (click on the title of the song to be directed to the song on YT!), really worth a listen (‘: The lyrics are so nice, the melody is so captivating. Personally my favorite melody in this song is when he sings “I love you 24 hours” *o* 

Anyway … finally got my hands on INFINITE’s Season 2 album, thanks to Q for ordering it for us!! 



By far my favorite album design of Infinite among the albums that I have, and sooo happy I managed to get Dongwoo’s photocard! The feeling of seeing your bias photocard is really magical, and no need for trading or whatsoever hee. Gonna cherish this album well, looooove the hidden track. Trollim as usual, making us wait for approximately 3 minutes of silence after Track 13 on the album before the hidden track plays. Not complaining though, Hey Hello is such a worthy hidden track, mega addictive hee.

It’s quite amusing to see Inspirits all pumped up & active for this comeback, normally Inspirits are more chill/laid back. But this time it’s different, and it feels great to be part of this fandom. The pure bliss when they snagged the trophy yesterday during their Show Champion comeback stage, finally we get to trend #LastRomeo1stWin :’) M countdown later, hoping for second win! Because the boys deserve it, live singing for a dance performance for every stage, how they still sound so amazing with MR removed, it shows how much they have improved along the way (:

Last Romeo is a worthy title track imo, although some people think otherwise. It was an immediate like for me, took some others a few listens before it grew on them. Click on the title for the link to the MV, give it a chance, give it a listen, you won’t regret (: Rosinante + Memories are the non-title tracks that are my preferences in the album hee. 

Alright enough with the k-pop stuff hmm … life has been pretty good to me so far this holidays! Finally got time to play the piano again & read boooooks. The song that I’ve been playing repeatedly on the piano these days is none other than I Remember, simply love the melody & lyrics/vocals in this song that I felt compelled to learn haha. And reading books! divergent series amidst other random books hee. 

And of course meet-ups with friends & what-nots. Busy busy, but all worth it + makes life less boring! Physical meet-ups >>> chatting via online messaging etc after all.

Shall stop the update here (seems abrupt whoops), till the next time friends x

Prelude of love



Things happen, & it makes who I am.

As much as we want the past to completely vanish, it’s impossible.

The past is a part of who we are. It’s an unwanted tattoo.

And the present acts much like our pieces of clothing. It covers the tattoo.

My past is my tattoo, it may fade away, but it’s still there.


Relishing in freedom, change isn’t something people can easily adapt to.

People choose not to change, because they’re afraid of what change brings them.

But sometimes, people don’t have a choice.

Change comes with the future, & the only thing left for people to do, is get used to it. 


Change can be for the better. It may break people down, but it can also build them up.

Considering all the factors, how can my feelings not change?

We’re strangers, but with memories.


Here’s the catch with change.

Change doesn’t just affect one aspect in life – somehow, it spreads to other things as well.

It’s like a bottle of ink.

You knock it over, expecting it to stop right before it reaches the end of the table top.

But that’s not the case.


The ink will continue to drip down & spread to other areas.

And just like we have to be prepared to catch the droplets of ink,

we have to be ready to accept change.


Love is something as fragile as glass.

If someone breaks your heart, the glass is broken.

The person who wants to pursue you next has  the task of piecing together the glass together.

In the process, the person gets hurt too.

So I guess everybody gets hurt in the end. 


Read a story recently & these quotes/paragraphs stood out so … just wanted to document it here for remembrance sake 🙂 x

Little Things


If you were all alone in the universe with no one to talk to, no one with which to share the beauty of the stars, to laugh with, to touch, what would be your purpose in life? It is other life; it is love, which gives your life meaning. This is harmony. We must discover the joy of each other, the joy of challenge, the joy of growth.

Chanced upon the quote above on Tumblr yesterday night, and realized how apt it was to sum up the fun-filled, tiring, yet mega meaningful day I had yesterday (:

Met up with AC comm for comm lunch & bonding yesterday, first visit to Citrus by the Pool! It was a really quiet & nice ambiance, with reasonably-priced food & rather yummy too. Definitely worth the time & $$, will go back again in the future! We stayed there for approximately 2.5h or so, chit-chatted & I really got to know my comm better, so I guess it was a successful bonding session hee. They all seem really nice, looking forward to working closely with them to make our adventure camp a huuuuge success for the youths! But time is ticking, loads to do before the camp so … time to buck up.

Went to care corner (early) after comm lunch, planned for the outing’s activities and proceeded to meeting the youths to head to Safra Yishun for bowling. Won’t be talking about much details, but just wanted to say that yesterday truly made me understand the spirit of volunteering once again. Took an approximately 2 years off from volunteering ever since mid-2012, I’m glad that this fuzziness/heartwarming feeling still exists :’) Truth be told, I really miss the days being an Interactor & heading over to MCYC every Tuesday after lessons for tutoring sessions. Nevertheless, feeling really touched during the occasional instances where my tutees from MCYC talk to me via FB (: It’s that feeling of knowing you’ve impacted someone else’s lives that ultimately matters, knowing that all the time & effort spent has been worth it, regardless of the magnitude of that impact.

I really admire all the social workers I’ve met in my life so far, their dedication is something I aspire to achieve. The patience, genuine concerns, as well as the abilities they possess to handle any situations pertaining to the youths really goes to show how social workers deserve the recognition & respect. Their selflessness, the way they carry themselves to ensure they are good role models for the youths to look up to :’) And the way they always put the welfare of the youths first.

Volunteering is such a wonderful, wonderful experience that everyone must try, really. Looking forward to meeting them again, probably at the camp I guess! 

Alright enough of these things haha. Feeling like I’m overwhelmed with so many commitments etc & the list of things to do is just never ending, but telling myself that it’s all worth it will help pull us pull through. 

On a sidenote, Infinite’s Season 2 will be released in approximately 45 minutes, I’m all ready for it! Hopefully their comeback will be successful hee & can’t wait for our pre-ordered albums to arrive! Dongwoo picture card pleaseee.

Everything in this world is a game. Thinking you lost if you gave up in the middle, you’re stupid. The one who lasts till the end enjoying the game is the winner. That’s probably the rules of this world.

Till the next time x

Blue Velvet


Sometimes, you can only feel something by its absence. By the empty space it leaves behind.

Really hyped up for Korea now after planning our itinerary, can’t believe we’re Korea-bound in merely 43 days (: Independent holiday trips are really just different from trips with family, albeit having to admit both are fun in its own different ways. Super excited for the days in Jeju, can’t wait to witness the breathtaking scenery in reality, a pity we won’t be viewing sunrise at the peak but … it’s for the best, or else we would prolly be burned out before we even head to Seoul.

Volunteer training + first comm meeting went relatively well, looking forward to the adventure camp with youths already! And this camp more or less mirrors my Guiding days with activities like outfield cooking, pitching & sleeping in tents, as well as the hitches/knots/lashings involved. Hope that it will be a good experience, & may the planning of activities etc turn out smoothly! Fingers crossed. & there’s comm lunch tomorrow before mentoring session … hopefully it will let the comm bond better & get to know each other well, so we can work properly all together to make the camp a success hee.

Priorities. I guess I don’t have that. Clearly there’s a stark difference between knowing your priorities & having priorities, and I admit I’m lacking the latter. Hitting the 20s soon in a couple of months, really got to get my life on track properly, sort out everything going on in my life, and perhaps come up with a To-Do List in life, after all that will make things more meaningful than the boring/mundane/scheduled life that we’re all currently living in. But we all learn along the way, all the mistakes made, regrets accumulated, they shape & morph our lives into the state it is in today. So it ultimately is true, when people say that whatever you’re facing now is nothing but made from your past. And you know that the ghosts of your pasts will come back to haunt you occasionally so … I guess we all just have to deal with that.

Gave advice to a friend recently about something really important/which pretty much determines the future path. Hope I didn’t give the wrong advice, the last thing I’d want is for regrets in this choice, because it’s life-defining. But with that said, everything happens for a reason, so if it’s meant to be, it will eventually be clear as to why certain decisions are forsaken for others.

On a lighter note, I finally finished tidying & redownloading ALL the songs back into iTunes, it was such a hassle, mega torturous process but I’m finally done! Retained waaaay less songs than what I had previously, but at least this frees up more space in my phone for new songs to come in (: Really hyped up for Infinite’s new album “Season 2” to be released on 21 May, as well as Lana Del Rey’s new album “Ultraviolence” to be released some time in June! Always welcoming fresh songs, both new & old, so do throw some recommendations if any!

Watched Divergent in the theatres some time last week, really love the movie it’s so, inspiring in some ways. Dauntless, this word has escalated its meaning through the movie & it really serves as a timely reminder to step out of our comfort zones & not be bounded by facades of what we think we should do for a safe & comfortable life. Because sometimes, that leap of faith is important, to expose ourselves to something waaay bigger than before, or rather enlightenment to a whole new aspect of life that we never imagined could have existed. Can’t wait for the movies of Insurgent & Allegiant to be out, & no doubt these 3 books are in my iBooks already hee, really good reads!

It’s the long-awaited summer break but I’m still tied down/busy with things so, till the next time! x