11 Simple Pieces Of Advice That Are Helpful For Getting Through Life

Thought Catalog


Some of the simplest advice I was ever given that couldn’t help more through your twenties.

1.) Keep everything in life in perspective. Don’t go overboard, and don’t underwhelm yourself. Set yourself up for success, but specifically – keep the order in your life maintained. Keep your goals in perspective – whether they’re short, or long term. Keep your priorities in order. And understand that evolving your priorities isn’t a bad thing, on occasion.

2.) Plans change, sometimes. Things happen. Things come up. Oftentimes, things come up when you least expect them to. Opportunities present themselves, you meet people, maybe you move. Whatever it is it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Going with the flow, as long as you’re not forgetting your priorities, and plans – isn’t always a bad thing.

3.) Keep an open mind. Maybe it won’t be a life changing opportunity. Maybe it will in the…

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