Prelude of love



Things happen, & it makes who I am.

As much as we want the past to completely vanish, it’s impossible.

The past is a part of who we are. It’s an unwanted tattoo.

And the present acts much like our pieces of clothing. It covers the tattoo.

My past is my tattoo, it may fade away, but it’s still there.


Relishing in freedom, change isn’t something people can easily adapt to.

People choose not to change, because they’re afraid of what change brings them.

But sometimes, people don’t have a choice.

Change comes with the future, & the only thing left for people to do, is get used to it. 


Change can be for the better. It may break people down, but it can also build them up.

Considering all the factors, how can my feelings not change?

We’re strangers, but with memories.


Here’s the catch with change.

Change doesn’t just affect one aspect in life – somehow, it spreads to other things as well.

It’s like a bottle of ink.

You knock it over, expecting it to stop right before it reaches the end of the table top.

But that’s not the case.


The ink will continue to drip down & spread to other areas.

And just like we have to be prepared to catch the droplets of ink,

we have to be ready to accept change.


Love is something as fragile as glass.

If someone breaks your heart, the glass is broken.

The person who wants to pursue you next has  the task of piecing together the glass together.

In the process, the person gets hurt too.

So I guess everybody gets hurt in the end. 


Read a story recently & these quotes/paragraphs stood out so … just wanted to document it here for remembrance sake 🙂 x

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