Maybe life & death isn’t as complicated as we make it out to be. Certainly, it is more complicated for some than for others. Whatever life we get, we learn a lot in the time that we are given. Not necessarily in the schools or universities we attend, or even in the books we read, the art we appreciate or the music we listen to. Life teaches us things at every moment; often we don’t even recognize it. In the years that I have lived so far, I have learnt this: To be remembered in this world, everybody must have lived. Even if it were only for a few moments. No matter what time we are given, we have existed. We have made an impact. And although some people are stolen too early, for whatever time they had they mattered. They loved and were loved. Maybe they felt guilty about leaving their loved ones. Maybe they didn’t know that they were leaving until it was too late to even say goodbye. Death is a strange thing. Nobody knows what happens to us after we die. But those living will remember us. And that is the beautiful thing. Nobody is truly gone until there is no living person left to remember them.


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