Tagged by V on insta & decided to post it up here as well for memory’s sake. So … Here goes!

1) “Everything happens for a reason” is what I live my life by
2) Mega socially awkward, no kidding
3) & because of that, I generally take a really long time to warm up to people
4) I’m thankful for the regulars in my life even though I don’t normally show it, but they know it 😌
5) Volunteering makes me feel overwhelmed with positive feelings & it’s very meaningful/important to me that people volunteer because they have the heart/genuinely want to
6) I’ve been in the same school (& class for 2 years) as my sis since we were born – we’re even reading the same major in uni LOL
7) My fave cartoon is Tom & Jerry, and I have 4 Jerry soft toys on my bed which my sis absolutely hates
8) Avril Lavigne & her songs = my eternal inspiration, got to see her for the first time on 15.02.14 😍
9) Innocence by Avril Lavigne is my all-time fave song & it’s the first pop song I learnt on the piano!
10) Entered the world of Kpop fandom in Dec 2012; Infinite x Inspirit ∞ & saw Infinite on 05.10.13!
11) I really appreciate songs with meaningful lyrics that are quote worthy
12) I can be quite childish/lame at times – only my close friends get to see my truly crazy side though
13) Birthdays are very special/meaningful & I’m quite the prankster when it comes to planning birthdays πŸ˜‚
14) I’m a very, very emotional person & tend to overthink 99% of the time
15) Horror movie fanatic 😍
16) Absolutely LOVE rainy days/sweater weather
17) Doing nail art is mega therapeutic & I love exploring diff designs πŸ’…
18) Handwritten letters >>> texts, I safekeep all letters well ☺️
19) Most of my friends claim that I don’t have an image but I think I still do!!
20) Helium balloons & lollipops are instant cheer-me-ups 😌

Amidst crafting these 20 facts, I realised a lot more things that I only subconscious knew about myself. Just like what V told me, doing this little activity is somewhat like self-discovery!

These 20 facts aren’t able to entirely define who I am, but while I’m at it, I guess it worked partially. Anywaaaay wanted to add in that inks are really cool but … haha.

Maybe someday I’ll be brave enough, to venture into things I like/truly see meaning in :”)

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