Why The Things You Can’t Let Go Of Are Meant To Linger

Worth the read.

Thought Catalog

5246525703_f6dc738969_zChiara Cremaschi

You want to know something that has controlled me for years?

I associate “letting go” with accepting defeat and admitting unworthiness.

Raising a white flag never feels like a healthy surrender for mental freedom. It seems like conceding that I’m not worthy of the person who left, of the job I didn’t get – or worse – that I am of the slight from a friend or the terrible, false judgement from an acquaintance or yet another petty yet harrowing transgression. I thought that I must agree with something to accept it. I didn’t realize I was twisting mental images of things I couldn’t control, trying to turn them into something I could be okay with, no matter how delusional they were.

In reality, the things we can’t let go of are the things that still have something to teach us.

I tried to numb the things that were lingering to teach…

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