What We Really Mean When We Call Someone A Friend

“To all of those who’ve luckily found their true friends, treat them the same way as they treat you, if not better. For those who are still looking, in the meantime, just be the person you are looking for.”

One of the best articles I’ve read so far, definitely worth the read :’)

Thought Catalog

Have you ever taken a moment to stop, sit back, and just reflect about life — the relationships you have, the people whom you share these relationships with, the friends you see and talk to every day?

We often take the word “friend” for granted. We call everyone our friend. We have friends whom we’re friends with just because we’re classmates, organization-mates, workmates, colleagues, blockmates, etc. We have friends with whom we exchange intellectual ideas and random facts with just to fill up a conversation. We have friends whom we talk to because we need something from them. And the list goes on. But what will happen when you’re no longer classmates or workmates with them? What’ll happen when you no longer share the common interests with them?

So, what exactly is a friend — a genuine friend? Try asking yourself: just whom among your friends are you comfortable sharing your…

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