Do It Alone

“I didn’t need the safety net because I was okay. And, you will be okay too. I promise.”
There’s a difference between being alone & lonely, although society loosely categorize them to be of the same kind. Being alone at times is really therapeutic, and as I grow older, I’m starting to genuinely appreciate all the me-time that I can get. Just chilling alone, sorting out my thoughts & what-not 🙂
This article was definitely worth the read!

Thought Catalog

lauren rushing / rushing /

I have a confession to make: I talk big but I struggle to do things on my own. I encourage people all the time to go ahead and do what they want, regardless of whether or not they have someone to go with them and yet, here I am, on a Friday night, struggling to live up to the promise I made for myself two days ago.

The promise was simple — go out to dinner alone. Alone, as in sans friend, acquaintance, date (haha, like I ever have a date anyway!) — alone, as in, solo, just me. I would be my own date. Fortunately, I get along with myself but the thought of actually going out alone creates a swirl of anxiety that I struggle with every time I contemplate it.

I recently moved 900 miles away from home and left behind my friends…

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