No Better Than Strangers


So drained these days, but holding on because of the people around me. Everyone’s really stressed out over upcoming finals & what-nots, and it’s kind of ironic because as much as people say grades do not define us, it does matter, as an undergraduate. Thank you to all the welfare from ’em friends, such gestures really serve as a motivation boost to continue hanging in there. Can’t wait for finals to be over, it’s just 16 days more yaaaay. Hoping for the best for everyone, may we all achieve ideal results in the upcoming finals 🙂

Congratulations to Lovelyz for finally being able to debut :’) It has been a long wait for Woollim girls indeed, may their debut be worthwhile, although they are off to a rocky start (evidently). For those unsure of what I’m talking about, click here to read this really, really detailed & long update about what’s going on (cr: koreanboo). With member Jisoo being embroiled in this controversy/rumour, it really diminishes the worth of all other scandals in the industry in 2014. Despite reading various varied views & perspectives on this matter, it’s a fact that we will never know the absolute truth. That’s the thing about humans, being trained to deceit so skillfully it’s becoming so … scary. Really hoping that all the accusations against Jisoo aren’t true, but if it is, may legal action be taken towards her, for all the wrong-doings & crimes that she has committed in the past. Should the accusations towards her be true, I can’t imagine the amount of stress & hurt felt by the alleged victims … landing themselves into depression, performing acts of suicide, all because of one girl. It’s so scary to think that anyone is even capable of such acts in the first place, and she’s of the same age as me.

One thing that struck me particularly was something that the alleged victims said in their latest updates:

Society doesn’t look upon us with favor, so we don’t have much power.
The louder we speak the bigger the stone that is thrown at us.

Don’t you think it’s rather saddening how these supposed “minorities” are looked down upon & heavily stigmatized in society? Why can’t people just be accepting for what all these individuals are. Society is so ugly, letting certain traits of people be defining them so carelessly. What people need to realize, is really to see the bigger picture, and view them as human beings. Step out of your little bubble of your so-called perfect world, and see that despite the flaws in the world, the differences that people might have, you aren’t the prototype of ideal – nobody is. Perhaps stepping back & viewing the world as it is, will allow you to feel more humble & not be so judgmental of everything that you perceive to be correct. Because it’s difficult to be objective, but it’s much needed.

To be honest, my stand on this matter keeps swaying sides with each new piece of information popping out, and I wouldn’t exactly say that I’m definite she’s guilty or whatsoever. It has been really interesting discussing this matter with quite a few friends, but honestly everything is just so ambiguous & confusing now. This matter is really spiraling to become such a huuuuge scale & involving/hurting so many people in the process. May the truth come to light soon, and the real culprit(s) get what she/they deserve(s), and end the sufferings for the true victim(s).

Alright it’s time to hit the books again, till the next time x



  1. Random: Is the title baby soul’s song?

    And that same para caught my eyes too when I was reading the updates :/ hopefully the matter will be resolved soonnn


    • yesss Baby Soul’s solo ft. Wheesung! Go listen to it if you haven’t, I think you’ll love it 🙂

      Ikr that para is damn strikingly realistic … Hoping for more updates regarding this matter soon though I’m really quite perplexed haha what exactly is the truth, which side is the psychopath x__x

      JIAYOU FOR FINALS TOO can’t wait for post-finals it’s gonna be damn fun-filled & interesting hee 🙂

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