22 November 2014 marks the special day where my ultimate bias in Kpop turns 24 (international age)!

Happy Birthday to INFINITE’s angel Jang Dong Woo 🙂 

I never knew someone could actually be so optimistic about life, always seeing the good in people, always being so caring towards everyone around 🙂 Thanks for the happiness that you’ve brought to the lives of all Inspirits 🙂 & for all the times you tweet so deeply yet incoherently, so characteristic of you indeed!

The moment when you’re about to give up, is generally a moment right before a miracle happens.

Thanks for such wise words, & thanks for being such an awesome source of motivation that makes my heart go on a rollercoaster ride (in a good way) so often 🙂 & most importantly, thank you for being the reason why I became an Inspirit 2 years ago, because being in this fandom is one of the best things that has ever happened to me, for it has gifted me with friendships that are meant to last a lifetime 🙂

Definitely my eternal bias no matter what, #25thHappyDWday 🙂




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