Bonjour, Décembre


Saying that post-finals have been awesome thus far would be a major understatement.

So thankful that finals are finally over, this semester has been a really tiring one while juggling all ’em different commitments, but it was all worth it 🙂 It has been a semester of firsts, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. After such a hectic semester & finally concluding Y2S1, it’s time for the well-deserved December break 🙂

Thank you to everyone who have been motivating me throughout the insane finals period, because they got me through the stress & look forward to post-finals, yet at the same time constantly reminding me that there’s more than just grades in our lives.

Attended Lang Leav’s meet&greet + autograph + phototaking session with Adelyn 🙂 We went to stand around the event area 45 minutes before it started in order to get good places, it was so so worth it hee. Getting to meet Lang Leav was so surreal, I still can’t believe the opportunity finally came! Felt so privileged, for being able to hear Lang Leav recite some of her poems, all ’em feels omg *o* Aaaaand perssonalized autographs how sweet is that gosh 🙂 I really appreciate how humble & down-to-earth she is, bothering to take time to greet each & every single fan. Definitely going to continue supporting her poetry & writing, so excited for her to release the novel that she has been working on. If you haven’t gotten your copies of Lang Leav’s best-selling Love & Misadventures + Lullabies, do head down to any Kinokuniya store & grab them, I assure you won’t regret 🙂


Catching up with Adelyn on Saturday felt so reassuring. Reminiscing about lower sec days, talking about our uni life, it’s amazing how much things have changed, yet still feels the same 🙂 I guess this friendship proves that distance in a friendship wouldn’t affect anything if it’s meant to be, considering how we have such infrequent meetups, but it still feels comfortable 🙂 Really thankful for the constants in my life, going to make an effort to cherish them even more than before. Because how hard is it for true friends to come by 🙂

November went by really quickly, and December is finally here. My favorite month, may it be filled with magic & freedom :’)

Last but definitely not the least, Happy 20th A ❤ Hope you had fun during our meet-up today, & may there be many more years ahead in this cherished friendship!

So, what if, instead of thinking about solving your whole life, you just think about adding additional good things. One at a time. Just let your pile of good things grow.

Gonna indulge in some me-time soon to be dedicated to reading x

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