The Girl Who Believes In Fate

“She has built walls from her past, but they will eventually crumble. When she does open up, you’ll embark on a new adventure and discover the mysteries of the world.”

Beautiful piece of article written :’)

Thought Catalog

Wimena KaneWimena Kane

She who believes in fate has patience and knows a good thing will come her way. She knows the past has been littered with disappointment, heartbreak and personal scars. She grows from this.

She knows that life continues. On the outside, she appears to walk aimlessly through life, yet she knows she is just taking in the little pleasures. She likes to run her fingers along the spines of books on a dusty shelf in the bookstore. Or, you’ll catch her smelling bright yellow lemons at the grocery store that she’ll later use for an intricate meal she’ll cook for herself. She sits inside a Starbucks scribbling in a notebook and tonguing the foam out of the plastic lid like she simply doesn’t care if anyone is watching.

She works hard, tucking bits of her earnings away. She’s a rainy day kind of gal. If she could, she’d…

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