Jamais Vu


Have you ever wondered which hurts the most:
saying something and wishing you had not,
or saying nothing, and wishing you had?

Had a really tiring week, but it was fulfilling at its best. For the first time since being involved in Proj C.A.N., I got to interact with (some of) the beneficiaries 🙂 It might not seem much to others, but it means a lot to me. Getting to see the people who will benefit from our efforts, to get to talk to them and listen to the short stories they share; to see how grateful they are & glad that we’re visiting them, it makes all ’em hard work worth it. Little talks mean a lot, and it makes me feel so overwhelmed with gratitude, while consciously remembering not to take the things in life for granted. Feeling inspired to continue serving in this, may the passion not fade away 🙂

Also not forgetting my responsibilities in YR, I’m glad that after months of preparations, our Adventure Camp will turn into reality tomorrow! I’d be lying if I said I was 100% confident that it’ll turn out fine, but I have faith that the subcommittee will make this camp a memorable one (in a good way) for not only our youths, but the volunteers who will be helping out. Pretty excited to meet our youths once again 🙂 I’ve witnessed the subcommittee undergoing changes, testing out games, submitting draft after draft of the proposal, and I’m really proud of them. It’s not an easy feat to plan for a camp, no matter the duration of the camp, for there are so many considerations to take note of, so many little details to be taken care of, in order to make sure the camp is a smooth sailing one. Embracing the spirit of volunteerism, putting our youths as priority; may YR AC 2015 be successful.

The mind is beautiful because of the paradox. It uses itself, to understand itself.

Sometimes in life, it gets hard to discern between things. In many matters, there’s always that thin line separating differences, with the line being threaded over carelessly all too often. Sometimes, things get tough, and you don’t know if all the suffering is worth it. But always remember, happiness is a choice. Yeah, things in life make it difficult, but at the end of the day, you control your own happiness. I don’t want to harbour any hopes, or to even keep my hopes up, for it makes disappointment much harder to deal with. Hence, I really hate the moments when I catch myself daydreaming away, thinking about all the “what ifs” and possibilities in life that will never turn into reality. Maybe if I’m lucky, if only.

The sad thing is, nobody ever really knows how much anyone else is hurting.
We could be standing next to somebody who is completely broken and we wouldn’t even know it.


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