When You Have To Leave The Best Things Behind

“You have to think of all the times that life has surprised you for the better and know that it can do it again. That it will do it again – as long as you stay open to those changes. As long as you don’t let the endings close you off from the new beginnings that are waiting ahead.”

Thought Catalog

Agustín RuizAgustín Ruiz

We’re not always going to be ready for the changes life presents us with.

There will be times when we get to stay exactly where we’re happy – curled up in the lap of everything we want, everything we have and everything we’re comfortable with. There will be times when we are struggling – grasping to figure things out and get to wherever it is we’re going next. And perhaps the most challenging time of all will be the chasm that exists between these times – when something unexpectedly rips what we want from us and forces us to leave it behind. When we have to walk away before we’re ready. When we have to leave what we want and what we love in the past.

There’s nothing more difficult than walking away from what we love before we’re ready to. Even when every fibre of our being…

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