Take Heart


This post marks the 200th post on endlessparadigm, since my first post waaaaay back in 2013 (I think)! Happy 200th post, may there be many more posts to come, to document the little details in my life, for this platform will serve as a useful tool when I feel like taking a trip down memory lane šŸ™‚ Still remember vividly that I moved away from livejournal & created this blog for a fresh start, since the timing coincided nicely with my entry to university. It has been a long journey since then, hoping to find some time to settle down and look back all my posts!


This post also marks another significant event – the rebranding of Youth Rangers. As of 19 July, the rebranding of Youth Rangers has been approved – it will be known as Youth Beacons from now on. First milestone for our incoming successors, which also signifies the stepping down from our roles in YR soon. So bittersweet, and so much to share about this whole journey. Definitely going to find a time to post about my journey in YR, and my hopes for YB in the near future šŸ™‚

Take Heart by The Sam Willows is mad addictive, go check it out if you haven’t already done so. Local talent, local pride, it’s an amazing song really.

Twist and turn of fate caused me to pull out of something at the last minute, something which I’ve intended to join since last year. Not sure if it’s the right decision, well not like I had a choice to begin with, after everything thus far. Still holding on to my belief that everything happens for a reason, maybe I’m not meant to join it after all? Whatever it is, on the bright side, Y3S1 wouldn’t be as packed/busy as I intended for it to be, so I guess that’s a good thing for me haha. No point regretting, I made the decision, I bear the consequences. All I hope is for it to have been the right decision. Or at least, that I’ll have the ability to ensure it was a right choice.

Trying my best to not let anything spoil my mood from now on! I’m going to be a really happy girl this coming week for various reasons, starting tomorrow šŸ™‚ x

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