Ending the hiatus because the need to get this off my chest is overwhelming me. Haven’t felt so awful in a pretty long while, and this feeling is really affecting me waaaaay more than it should.

It’s something I know I should do – and I’m not saying that I’m not gonna do it, but it’s hard. It feels awful, it feels terrible, to have to be put in such a situation.

The thing is, when I confide in people about it, I don’t expect them to understand (though I have this tiny hope that someone actually would). I don’t need people to preach to me about what I should be doing, because I’m objective enough to know what needs to be done, I just need to rant out the emotions.

It has been a crazy month, many things happened, many thoughts resurfaced, many issues recurring.

I can only hope that it’ll get better, but only with time.

Looking back, the summer has been nothing short of insane & crazy, and I don’t know how I survived but I only know through all that, what I’m certain is that I’m utterly burnt out.

Sometimes you need to take a step backward before you move forward again. Let your body rest, and your mind heal. Let the wounds mend, and time pass. Only you know when you are ready to begin again.

It’s week 4 and I haven’t started studying. I’m tired, and I need a breather.


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