New beginnings


Don’t you think there is always something unspoken between two people?



I’m not where I want to be, but thank goodness I’m not where I used to be.

Having all the time in the world with no commitments on hand means that I’m finally allowed to binge watch dramas/TV shows without much guilt. ‘ve been spending my time watching The Amazing Race in the past weeks, and this week I completed two k-dramas within …. 6 days ha ha. So anyway …….. I watched Voice earlier this week, and completed Solomon’s Perjury just a few moments ago.

Voice was gooooood, really recommending it for those who enjoy mystery & thriller dramas. The presence of a psychopath was hm, intriguing to say the least? For I hold the belief that psychopaths are one of the most dangerous people living in this world, given their exploding charisma, high IQ/EQ, and most importantly, their manipulativeness that seems to be their main driving force in seeking excitement. Voice was really intense and there were many scenes where I got so freaked out & scenes that moved me to tears, but overall it definitely didn’t disappoint & it was a good drama hee.

Voice explored themes surrounding revenge, love and obsession among others. Revenge for loved ones, and obsession of the truth. It showed struggles of deciding between doing what’s moral & what’s not, and how deciding on the moral path will mean sacrificing the chance to fulfil personal agendas. The ending was slightly…..weird? But at least punishment was given & life finally went on normally after so many years of harbouring guilt, questions and doubts.

However …………. while Voice was filled with thrill and nerves, it was the deeper meaning behind Solomon’s Perjury that got my thoughts all whirled up even after I’m done watching it.

Solomon’s Perjury narrates the story of a group of high school students taking matters in their own hands after being tired of adults telling them to “leave it to the adults to settle”. It revolves around uncovering the truth behind the death of their classmate. Honestly speaking, this drama got my mind going in circles till the very end. Along the way, I jotted down some quotes that made so much sense & had such significant meanings tagged to them.

“Ordinary people do the extraordinary things. ‘Protect the weak’, ‘fix what’s wrong’, ‘do not lie’; the ones with these very basic values within them, the ordinary citizens, just like you. They’re the ones who change the world. It’s not the extraordinary people, or some extraordinary cause. You realise that it’s the hardest to keep the most basic values. It’s easy to forget what’s basic from wanting more comfort in life.’ – Solomon’s Perjury

To be reminded to stay humble, to live by our principles. It might seem like a given, something that we take for granted, but more often than not, when faced in situations within a high stress environment, our values and principles might be compromised to achieve an ‘ideal’ situation or to simply take the easy way out. But shouldn’t we be living by our principles? ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’ – how hard is this? Sometimes we might get so blinded by our goal that we take unscrupulous methods to achieve them – indeed, the hardest to keep might be the most basic values. But let’s never forget.

“You can get all those broken pieces if things get broken in pieces. You can live through all those broken pieces, if things get broken in pieces.” – Solomon’s Perjury

I guess this is an indirect answer to my constant question of: “why do perennial problems even exist?” I grew up with the mindset filled with supposed ‘optimism’ – no matter how dire a situation is, there would definitely be the rainbow at the end of the storm. But through my recent experiences both professionally & personally, I’ve come to realise that perennial problems do exist & it’s precisely these problems that affect us the most. We can’t be savers, we are in no position to play God, and what we should do is to accept them, live with them, and work around them. Sometimes, life isn’t as straightforward and that’s something we need to acknowledge. I know it’s hard.

“I still don’t know the reason why I should live. No one can actually know it. It’s not that a person lives because he knows the reason to do so. Life is filled with limitless possibilities you cannot label. It’s with endless twists and turns, with countless moments of joy and sadness. That’s how everyone lives. Sometimes you curl up, and sometimes you reach out. Sometimes you wish to remain a lonely island, but you also wait for loud crashes of waves. It feels imperfect. You were wrong. You just got the wrong answer, then left this world. You just turned off the most beautiful piece of music at its intro. You walked past a pretty flower in the rain. Your life that you were so certain that it was only with darkness, it was just your room that you hadn’t flickered the light switch on. It could’ve changed. It could’ve been better. That’s why you were wrong. I really wanted to tell you this. Now, the spring is coming. I lost you in the winter. But spring is coming into my world. The snow is melting away, new sprouts are coming up, the day is bright, and the wind is awesome. So I decided that I’ll never get tired of it. Even if it’s just this world, I won’t give up.” – Solomon’s Perjury

Last but not least, the monologue that concluded the drama. To find the reasons for existence is hard, and sometimes the reasons for living might not be obvious. But as mentioned above, life could change. Life will get better. It might seem all darkness at that very moment, but put your trust in it, that it’s merely temporary. I read a quote recently that said “darkness, real darkness, was more than just a lack of light”, and I thought it perfectly encapsulated the pains of going through a devastating time in life. But through Solomon’s Perjury, I came to realise that it isn’t necessarily true. Indeed, there may be times that get so depressing it seems as though nothing can be done to salvage or mend the hurt. But trust me, having been experience so many heart crushing moments in my life thus far, I’ll say that things really do get better. When you can’t find a reason to live, at least find a reason to stay. And if you’ll just wait a little longer, that reason to live will come. I promise you, though it might take time, but eventually, it will come.

Glad to have came across these dramas (thanks Y for the recommendations), currently searching for the next drama to watch whoopieeee. This past week of intended healing has indeed been therapeutic, and now I’m glad to be back again 🙂

Till the next time x



Always defend your right to heal at your own pace. You are taking your time. You are allowed to take your time.

Felt like I’ve been standing at crossroads for the past week, but glad that through conversations I’m able to regain that clarity again. To cast all the doubts, to address all the concerns, and to stop pursuing answers to the question of “why?” — these answers do nothing but bring only some sort of comfort for myself, but this comfort should not be sought after mindlessly nor as a priority, for what good does it bring to me apart from self-gratification?

Everything happens for a reason.

And I’m learning to accept how things are playing out. I’ll get there someday, the better person I aspire to be. To be certain of my choices, to be aware of my worldview. Slowly, but surely. With deviations & yet guidances along the way, I’ll get there.