Be patient with all things, but especially with yourself.

Spent my morning clearing my unread chats on both whatsapp & telegram, accumulated from as long as 3 years ago…….. it felt weird? A good kind of weird, took some trips down memory lane, brought back many memories filled with nostalgia.

Looking back at my life in the past few years, I’m mostly glad about how things panned out eventually, and proud that I’m still standing even after all the setbacks & times where I truly felt like I wouldn’t have made it out alive haha.

These two weeks present new challenges for me – termination with youths & elderly whom I have been befriending for a long time, and subsequently transiting into the workforce as a full-time working adult hmm.

And … had my final farewells to the youths during adventure camp in the past weekend. It’s no easy feat saying goodbye to youths you’ve watched grow & mature over the past three years, and how these usually cheeky & naughty youths actually expressed their true feelings of sadness over the departure of the graduates from YR.

Glad that through this final camp, I got to know a youth a lot better through our conversation after Night Maze 🙂 Talked about things that ranged from the simple ‘what are you studying now?’, to things more personal & hit closer to home. My youth asked me ‘what do you hate most about yourself?’, and I threw the question back to him (after answering), and what spiralled from there was a whole conversation about social norms, hopes for the future, our personal values & beliefs etc.

For these youths are the very ones who’ll change the world with their perspectives in the future, these youths are the ones we should be looking out for & these youths should be the ones protected from all the discrimination or pre-conceived judgements by ignorant others out there in society. These youths have so, so much to offer, if only one would slow down & trudge alongside them in their journey. Thank you for all the lessons taught, thank you for all the memories in the past three years, I’ll never forget them :’)

With tears of sadness, nostalgia, unwillingness, and yet those very same tears that are filled with hope & thankfulness, bade my youths goodbye & beautifully concluded my journey with YR as an undergraduate.

It’s just goodnight & not goodbye, but thank you for making this goodnight so hard, for it shows how much this means to me ❤

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