Midnight colours


“I look for you everywhere; small gestures made by all kinds of people in the street remind me of you, by their similarity as much as by their differences, but I cannot say what is obsessing me; it obsesses me utterly and leaves no strength to express it.”
– Franz Kafka

Unresolved feelings really do come back to hit you, even if it has been many years since. So the question is – How do I move forward, if the haunts of my past keep coming to tug me backwards?

Staycay with the team was awesome, t’was a great weekend spent with games & drinking. ‘am an absolute sucker for change, and yet things are so dynamic and change is really the only constant. May I have the strength to face the upcoming changes again. Work anxiety seems to be coming back pretty badly again, partially stemming from expectations of self and expectations from others. KTV with the team was … interesting? Have always been someone who focuses on lyrics of songs, and when sad songs become so relatable, it takes all the effort to refocus on the present & not brood over unhappy thoughts/feelings. Still enjoyed myself tremendously though, great company I’ll never trade for any other 🙂

Living and surviving work week by week, day by day. Not sure when’s the next break, but I desperately need it. My conclusion after slightly more than a year of being a social worker: it takes more than just the heart and good clinical skills to survive as a social worker.


It really is the worst.



^Found this mixtape by chance, and absolutely loving it.

The recent weeks have left me feeling all sorts of emotions – overwhelmed, thankful, hopeful, hopeless.

SWIC 2018 was a wild decision, so thankful for the opportunity to be a facil despite my lacking experience as a practitioner in this field. Learnt so, so much from the agency visits & sharing from fellow Workers, and also reaffirmed my love & passion for this wonderful sector. Through the camp, I realised that what I hoped to offer to fellow Workers, was the willingness and being daring enough to not just think with my head, but to embrace things with my heart. To allow myself to be vulnerable enough to feel emotions that hit close to home, and yet maintaining that professionalism. Values guide us, but whether they define us entirely is then debatable.

Reconnected with a friend yesterday, and he mentioned that the conversation we shared back when I was in Y3S2 changed his life – one that we had during a lecture. After the semester I never really followed up with this friend, but meeting again yesterday made me feel so…. overwhelmed with emotions. It was because of that conversation, he decided to switch to social work major. Immensely thankful & glad that it was a choice he didn’t regret :’) And it goes to show how words do have an impact. May we never forget the power of words, and the importance of conversations.

“I hope you will never lose the passion & always remember the reason why you are doing what you are doing.” A line from the farewell card given by an intern today. It was a fun ride alongside ’em interns, and through conversations & processing with them, it made me more self aware about my values. On hindsight, I concluded that there is no “good” or “bad” social worker, but rather about the “goodness of fit” in the sector they work in. If someone seems to be a “bad” worker, it may just very well be because they haven’t found their true calling, the right sector where they’ve always been meant to be in.

Giving a public talk tomorrow – first talk as a practitioner in the field (!!) Going to share about what living with cancer means, and the psychosocial aspects of how cancer may affect an individual and their loved ones. Feeling so inadequate – for who am I to share on behalf of the department? But feeling so encouraged by all the random “jiayous” and people who believe in me. May the talk go smoothly, and that I do this profession proud 🙂

So, so humbled by the experiences & opportunities I have been given along the way. Learning to be appreciative, and to embrace the fact that perhaps, I do have something to offer to this world too.