The end of 2019 doesn’t only mark the end of the year, but also the end of yet another decade. Bursting with nostalgia and retrospective thoughts, perhaps there’s no better chance than to take some time to reflect about the happenings of 2019, and how much things have progressed in the decade as a whole.


|| 2019 ||

The changes at work also brought about newfound realisations about myself as a person. Can’t reiterate how much I am blessed to have been given the opportunity at work, and it may not seem like a big/significant thing to others, but this is a step towards my passion.

Thankful for people around me who continue to hold space for me, and for providing spheres of trust for me to be vulnerable, and for listening to me patiently as I repeatedly frustrate myself over the same things.

I am truly blessed, to have the people I have in my life, and step across to the new decade together 🙂 As we all grow up, we spend more time with our colleagues than our friends out of work. To the friends out of work, y’all are awesome and I cherish each and every of our chats/meet-ups; to the friends at work, we did it and survived yet another year together!

& taking the time, for a moment of silence, to my late patients who did not have the privilege to experience what life in 2020 would be like. Thank you to all of you, who have taught me something in each of your unique and individual ways :’) All of you have fought your own battles, may you rest in peace, with memories that your loved ones will bring over continually in the years to come.


|| 2010 to 2019 ||

The decade has seen me through my years growing up as a teen, young adult and now a working adult.

Experienced three graduations through high school/junior college/university within these 10 years, what a remarkable achievement for someone like me who honestly isn’t that much of study material. Learnt that there is a difference between studying and learning – and I’m so glad to have summed up my education journey by learning to love what I do as a social worker now 🙂

The 2010 version of me would have never in my wildest dreams thought that I’d end up as a social worker, and much less in a medical setting. The transition to adulting came along with many responsibilities and challenges, and honestly I’m still trying to grasp the whole adulting thing but one step at a time,

Loved and lost, laughed and cried, remembered and forgot. The past decade has been a wild ride indeed. Thank you to the relationships that withstood the test of time through the decade, and thank you for those whose chapter has closed during this decade too. Learning to not take my loved ones around me for granted, and that expressing gratitude does no harm so why not?


2020, I promise to focus on my mental health above all else. To learn to be vulnerable and encompassing of all emotions, and to love myself a little more each day ♥

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