Am I broken?
Am I flawed?
Do I deserve a shred of worth or am I
Just another fake, fucked up lost cause?
And am I human?
Or am I something else?
‘Cause I’m so scared and there’s no one there
To save me from the nightmare that I call myself

cr: Broken – Anson Seabra

The past week was truly an eye opening, interesting, intense, exhausting experience. Thankful to have the chance to support the execution of programmes during this period of time, and through this experience, found myself learning a lot more, not just about the cultures of our migrant brothers, but also about myself.

I guess till today if you ask me what do MSWs have to offer, I still wouldn’t be able to give an answer. What do we really do? It’s easy to answer things like psychosocial/emotional support, but the truth is what our work encapsulates transcends further than what those words may hold, and that is also one of the very reasons why I still enjoy & appreciate what we do as social workers in a medical setting.

What do I hope for out of all of these? I hope for all of us to be able to grow through this experience in our own ways, to build up our competency. But above it all, I hope for us to be safe and virus free through our course of work, so that our loved ones will not be compromised in any ways more than they already are (fear, worries).

Yearning for the day to meet everyone again in good health. Till then x


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