In life, you can’t aim to please everyone. No matter what you do, there will always be disagreements. Just like how there’s always two sides to the coin, every matter can, and will, be perceived in different perspectives. Who’s allowed to discern the right from wrong, to have the ultimate say in things? Sometimes, stepping back & analyzing the entire situation, while putting away all prior prejudice or unhappiness, may be the only way to work things out. Whatever it is, it all boils down to sincerity & priorities I guess.

The non-existent recess week started & ended well, though the in-between is far from ideal. Had our very first cannies outing on Monday @ Marina Barrage! It went relatively well, and honestly this bunch of people are really nice to hang out with. Hopeefully I’ll be able to lose the awkwardness around me & properly bond with them. At least for one, I know that there’s something to look forward to after finals! 🙂

Headed to The Punggol Settlement for the first time yesterday, it was mindblowing/breathtaking & so damn therapeutic. The serenity in the environment, and non-crowded pathways, with the strong wind really made the entire atmosphere so calm & peaceful. Which is the exact opposite of how things are currently in life (sadly). Definitely heading back there whenever I have time, and gained a new interest in discovering such hidden gems in Singapore after finals as well! 🙂

I’ve spent the past week questioning my commitments & wondering if I’m just incapable to handle so many things. I’ve confided in my usual few regulars & thanks guys for listening + giving all the advice :’) It’s really heartening to have friends willing to stay up just to chat. In that aspect, I know I’m blessed :’) The overwhelming feeling of pending items to do really stressed me out, and when my laptop crashed a few days back, it really served as the trigger point of all my unhappiness. Literally spent my time moping around doing nothing, and I felt so handicapped without my laptop. Glad to have it back as I’m happily typing away on it, but R.I.P. to my iTunes (for the second time), where ALL my songs are gone and I have to go through the painful process of redownloading all my songs again *cries* That will have to wait after finals if I’m able to free some time up hmm.

With all that aside, I heeded the advice of listing down every single thing I need to do (even the smallest or simplest tasks). And it really worked! A couple of days ago, I started with having 36 items on my to-do list, and currently I’m down to 29. It really made me feel better & weirdly motivating to be more productive 🙂 Despite the huge amount of backlogs I’ve accumulated in the past few weeks of academics, this little amount of productivity is evidence of progressing forward.

So in response to whether I’m having any second thoughts to all my commitments:


🙂 Take things in stride, everything will work out eventually. After all, everything happens for a reason.

Slept later than normal these days, I should really be trying to regulate my sleep cycle hmm. Can’t wait for this week to be over, and definitely going to embrace next week because it’s e-learning, even though it’s packed with meetings/schedules/things to do already whooops. Can’t wait for Saturday to be here already, hanging out sessions are always precious because physical meet-ups beat whatsapp/text any day.

Song to recommend: Serial Killer – Lana Del Rey. Simply got to love all of Lana’s songs, and this is my latest addiction haha. A pity that it’s an unreleased song though, wish it would be included in her album someday ): And I’m always open for song recommendations (especially English songs), so please share if you have any!

Random but a few days back when I was blasting Innocence by Avril Lavigne, my sis commented about how she’s sick of this song because I’ve been playing it since it got released in 2007 HAHA. Which made me realise that it’s pretty fascinating how it has remained as my all-time favourite song after 8 years (& counting) :’) Love how beautiful the lyrics are, love how soothing Avril’s voice is, love how pleasing the melody is. Glad to have Avril’s songs as an accompaniment of my growing up process, so thrilled for her 6th studio album please release it soon! I will always be a loyal Black Star ★

Here’s a rose for everyone out there having a hard time. Always remember, tough times don’t last, tough people do. Press on, all the best for midterms (if any). Oh and A level results are released in approximately an hour, so nervous/excited for my juniors! And I miss hwach days.

Till the next time x



Night & Day


Imma love you night & day

I love you 24 hours, thank you for being you

It’s amazing every time I see you, you’re so beautiful

The sun rises high during the day, the moon rises at night

Because I will always protect you

Above lyrics quoted from Night & Day by Wheesung, it’s an amazing song that caught my ears almost immediately (click on the title of the song to be directed to the song on YT!), really worth a listen (‘: The lyrics are so nice, the melody is so captivating. Personally my favorite melody in this song is when he sings “I love you 24 hours” *o* 

Anyway … finally got my hands on INFINITE’s Season 2 album, thanks to Q for ordering it for us!! 



By far my favorite album design of Infinite among the albums that I have, and sooo happy I managed to get Dongwoo’s photocard! The feeling of seeing your bias photocard is really magical, and no need for trading or whatsoever hee. Gonna cherish this album well, looooove the hidden track. Trollim as usual, making us wait for approximately 3 minutes of silence after Track 13 on the album before the hidden track plays. Not complaining though, Hey Hello is such a worthy hidden track, mega addictive hee.

It’s quite amusing to see Inspirits all pumped up & active for this comeback, normally Inspirits are more chill/laid back. But this time it’s different, and it feels great to be part of this fandom. The pure bliss when they snagged the trophy yesterday during their Show Champion comeback stage, finally we get to trend #LastRomeo1stWin :’) M countdown later, hoping for second win! Because the boys deserve it, live singing for a dance performance for every stage, how they still sound so amazing with MR removed, it shows how much they have improved along the way (:

Last Romeo is a worthy title track imo, although some people think otherwise. It was an immediate like for me, took some others a few listens before it grew on them. Click on the title for the link to the MV, give it a chance, give it a listen, you won’t regret (: Rosinante + Memories are the non-title tracks that are my preferences in the album hee. 

Alright enough with the k-pop stuff hmm … life has been pretty good to me so far this holidays! Finally got time to play the piano again & read boooooks. The song that I’ve been playing repeatedly on the piano these days is none other than I Remember, simply love the melody & lyrics/vocals in this song that I felt compelled to learn haha. And reading books! divergent series amidst other random books hee. 

And of course meet-ups with friends & what-nots. Busy busy, but all worth it + makes life less boring! Physical meet-ups >>> chatting via online messaging etc after all.

Shall stop the update here (seems abrupt whoops), till the next time friends x

Hello Heartache


Avril Lavigne’s self-titled 5th studio album is finally out (!!!) Okay it was supposed to be officially released on 5 Nov, but it was pre-released in Australia/Germany on 1 Nov, and the album is currently on replay throughout the day.

All the songs are awesome, and I’m not even kidding. Apart from Here’s To Never Growing Up & Rock N Roll which were pre-released as singles earlier this year, my favorite songs from this album are Hello Heartache, Hush Hush, 17, and Give You What You Like. If I really had to list I’d end up listing all the songs whoooops. Linked the songs to youtube, click on the song titles mentioned above to listen to them (: In fact, there are 14 songs in total, and all are unique & special in their own ways. Definitely worth the time, do check the songs out!

Track Listing:

1. Rock N Roll
2. Here’s To Never Growing Up
3. 17
4. Bitchin’ Summer
5. Let Me Go (ft. Chad Kroeger)
6. Give You What You Like
7. Bad Girl (ft. Marilyn Manson)
8. Hello Kitty
9. You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet
10. Sippin’ On Sunshine
11. Hello Heartache
12. Falling Fast
13. Hush Hush
14. How You Remind Me

I love how Avril Lavigne’s involved in producing every single song – self-written lyrics & what-not. It makes her songs so easy to relate to, how sincere she sounds when she sings, how much emotions are poured out into each and every song. It has been slightly more than 2.5 years since her previous album Goodbye Lullaby, but it was more than worth it, to be waiting for her 5th studio album. After all, there’s a reason why I’ve practically grown up dedicating my time listening to Avril’s songs since the primary school days, and that says a lot. She’s not my all-time favorite artiste for nothing (‘: 

Goodbye my friend

Hello heartache

It’s not the end

It’s not the same

Wish it didn’t have to be this way but

You and I will spin the world to make love

Goodbye my friend

Hello Heartache


– Avril Lavigne (Hello Heartache)

From her first album Let Go (2002), to Under My Skin (2004), then The Best Damn Thing (2007), followed by Goodbye Lullaby (2011), and finally Avril Lavigne (2013), none of the albums disappointed in any way. Many people were skeptical when The Best Damn Thing came out since she was venturing to a different style, but it didn’t matter at all. The songs turned out so well, and it was still Avril’s style to me. Goodbye Lullaby and Avril Lavigne showed shadows of her original punk princess style – with more slow ballads (coupled with mega meaningful lyrics).

Hey, those days are long gone

And when I hear this song it takes me back

We were at the top of the world

Back when I was your girl

We were living so wild and free

Acting stupid for fun

All we needed was love

That’s the way it’s supposed to be


– 17 (Avril Lavigne)

Avril’s starting on her Rawesome Tour in January 2014, the tour stops announced so far are Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Guilty that I’ve been her fan since forever and yet haven’t gone for any of her concerts. Went to check, she came to Singapore for all her previous tours – Try To Shut Me Up Tour (2003), Bonez Tour (2005) and The Best Damn Tour (2011). I deeply regret not going for The Best Damn Tour in 2011 … but all that’s left is regret. Hence, I’ve decided that should she come to Singapore for her Rawesome Tour, I will attend it no matter what (should circumstances allow to the best of my ability)! I wouldn’t want to have yet another regret in my life, knowing that this was a choice I could have controlled. Attending at least one Avril Lavigne concert is one of the top item in my bucket list (:

I’m breaking free from these memories

Gotta let it go, just let it go

I’ve said goodbye

Set it all on fire

Gotta let it go, just let it go


– Let Me Go (Avril Lavigne ft. Chad Kroeger)

On a sidenote, I think Avril Lavigne is super pretty her features are so distinct & her attitude is just so … unique. And special. And awesome. She’s so talented too, composing songs, powerful vocals, Abbey Dawn (fashion line), and her own perfume fragrance series (: 

Avril Lavigne 2013 Photoshoot HD Wallpaper

I remember playing her songs on the piano, especially Innocence (‘: My all-time favorite song. Can’t wait for holidays to come, time to start sourcing for ’em piano scores again!

With all that said, I’m proud to be a Little Black Star.