But I’m only human,

And I bleed when I fall down

I’m only human


And I crash & I break down

Your words in my head, knives in my heart

You build me up and then I fall apart


I’m only human

Finally an update again, after many hectic days (although I’m still really, really busy right now), but it’s always important to take some personal time out to update about my life & what-nots (: So yup, here I am, typing away as time passes.

The quote above is from my latest addiction – Human by Christina Perri. These songs automatically appeal to me because of the lyrics, it’s so heartfelt/relatable, and so raw so real. And it really makes a huuuuge impact on my liking for a song, normally songs that have nice lyrics are the ones I’ll listen to for a longer time. Christina Perri’s vocals are insane as well, coupled with the addictive melody, Human is really a song that’s worth the time to check out/listen to, and get addicted to it eventually hee. Looking forward to the release of her new album some time in April 2014, Head or Heart.

Really nervous yet excited for Wednesday, as it will mark my first ever presentation in uni! It’s amazing how I haven’t had any presentations up till now, while everyone around me had at least one presentation already. Whatever it is, hoping for the best, and that our presentation/re-enactment will go smoothly! Social psych presentations are really cool/interesting, mega excited for the next major project for social psych because it’s to come up with a children’s story book, how cool is that HAHA. Thankful that I’m grouped with a bunch of people whom I’m comfortable working with, at least it wasn’t so awkward or anything when we were having our first discussion on Friday! x fingers, please let the presentation run through smoothly!

The coming two weeks will be really busy with social psych presentation + marketing indiv assignment due + biopsych midterms + psych stats midterms. It’ll be upcoming late nights hmm. Tiring, but yes I’ll get through it, because eventually everyone will get past all these. It’s waaay easier studying when you realise why, or rather what you’re studying for. Makes studying turn into something that’s truly worth it, instead of being perceived as a burden or whatsoever.

I miss my friends ): I genuinely miss the days where I look forward to going to school every morning because of my awesome clique. Walking to the class bench to be greeted with familiar faces, despite all of us being lethargic & just stoning/sleeping at the class bench. I miss having a class bench ): I remember how we used to complain about merely having a class bench & no fixed classroom, but it’s better than uni. We don’t even get a class bench at all, it’s just LTs/tutorial classrooms, & hanging around at random benches along walkways/in the library. And it really doesn’t help that the campus is so huuuge, I practically get lost every other day in my own faculty, what a fail haha. Can’t there be a time machine & let me head back to the days of NY/HC life ):

Random fact: I love sour stuff. Especially lemons/passionfruit. Lemon lollipops are my ultimate favorite hee (: I’m feeling so random today. Valentines’ Day is coming YAY (not like it matters/makes a difference), but I suddenly thought about how we’d always buy chocs for each other in school, labelling as friendship day/foreveralone day instead. Those were the good times :’)

This is so true, thoughts are really the most dangerous things on earth hmm. On a sidenote, lazy shiao needs to remove her nail polish because they’re all grown out/chipping off it’s so ugly. But then again, lazy shiao is lazy HAHA bye world x