And the reason is you

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This is what I do every single day. Wake up, prepare for school, head to school, go back home & study, and plop back to bed all tired & such. Don’t like it when my life becomes so mundane, especially when it used to be interesting & more hyped up (partially ‘cos of CCAs & friends who make breaks so much more awesome). Life these days have really purely been boring ):

Which brings me to the point of a dilemma I’m facing now sigh. I don’t know if I should commit myself to it, or just let the chance slip away again. Asked some friends about it, balanced POVs here & there – which means I still haven’t came to a conclusion. There are more … complications tied down to this decision than anyone will ever know. And these complications might just deter me from choosing to commit but I know that if I don’t, there will always be that part of me nagging at the back of my mind, regretting the choice of not going for it sigh.

I really don’t know what to do/what to choose, hate it that I’m forever such an indecisive person but this is really an important matter to me ): I let the chance slip away once already, and if I don’t have the courage, this chance is going to slip away from me yet again sigh. This dilemma is so burdensome it’s making my mind go insane from thinking about it I’m not even kidding.

Approximately 17 more days to decide. Whatever my decision is, I just hope that I won’t regret. Sorry to the people I’ve been burdening my problem/dilemma with … it may seem like a lame thing to some people. But it’s really a tough decision I have to make, which makes it all worse.

On a lighter note, week 3 of my first sem in uni life as a freshie is officially over. Time really flies so damn quickly, it’s time to start sorting my life out & plan my time/schedule properly … at this rate midterms will be here before I even realise lol, and damn will I be screwed ugh. Promise to self: don’t screw anything up in uni please, the consequences that follow thereafter are too much to handle.

Time to go be a good girl & study again, to get all these insane stuff out of my mind k bye bye bye

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