I never told you

“Love goes two ways.” 

Yumin told me that just now & I realised how true it is. Hence posting it here, it’s a simple sentence with 4 mere words and yet it’s so deep in its meaning. So many different types of love exist – admiration/friends/attraction etc. Love really goes both ways, it can either make you the happiest or saddest girl on earth. It’s amazing how much love can turn moods up & down in the blink of an eye.

Should be on a hiatus to concentrate on mugging for finals but I had to blog about the above quote before I forget so … here’s an update! Kind of tired of mugging already, but yeah have no choice but to persevere and press on. 12 more days before finals end, I can do this (:

Immense gratitude to the people who’ve stuck by me all these while, who’ve been listening to me rant & what-nots, showing care and concern for me in all ways possible, these people are the one who keep me going, when times get rough :’) Can’t wait for finals to be over really. Realised how much more appreciative I’ve been as compared to past years, but it’s a good thing right? It’s important to cherish all ’em loved ones.

V told me some time last week that mugging shouldn’t be because we have to do it, but because we want to do it. That way it will be so much more productive. And it dawned upon me how true that is, it’s a sudden realisation, something so simple yet important – something that I’ve failed to appreciate all these while. Putting aside all the requirements & what-nots, mugging turns a whole lot better & waaay more meaningful, if we mug because we want to, not out of obligations or whatsoever. Thank you V, for making me realize how important it was to understand that ❤ And for everything & anything, it means a lot.

Wanted to end the post with a picture-word post that I saw on tumblr but the picture’s a little scary so … I shan’t post it here! Although it looks cool but I really don’t want to scare people who visit endlessparadigm LOL. I’ll just quote the words:

Monsters are real, and ghosts are too.

They live inside us,

And sometimes,

They win.

We’re not broken just bent, and we can learn to love again x

Till we meet again


Too many macaron pictures on tumblr making me crave for them so much ): Chose this picture to post because the colour scheme was the nicest (pink-biased here), and the entire layout etc is just … perfect. Can’t wait for post-finals when I can go cafe-hopping/just chillaxing with all the free time in the world, no worries, no nothing.

Currently D-9 to first day of finals. On a happier note, after 26 Nov, it will be 3 papers down (: Trying my best to mug as hard as I can. To all ’em friends out there, all the best for finals! It’ll be over sooner than we expect it. Oh anyway this is gon be a really short post because I don’t exactly have the luxury of time right now. I swear time is always NOT on my side. Amidst all the mugging, currently planning for something interesting. So excited, but shan’t say much.

14 November 2013, Thursday. That day marked the final day of official lessons I had in AY13/14 Y1S1. It was the best way I could ever end my sem (: Thank you so so much to Amanda for the Ritz Apple Strudel + note!! It made my day start well/awesome! Went back to arts to meet Meina & Qijin, chatted a short while! Thank you thank you thank you Meina for the Yakult & the super cool note YOU ARE APPRECIATED TOO (‘: And Qijin for the welfare pack too!! The stuff in it are amusing HAHA. And then lunch at Reedz cafe with Qijin! First time stepping into Biz, kind of got lost for a while (what do you expect from 2 lousy-direction-sense people) LOL. 

In a nutshell, this sem ended on a good note, thankful for all ’em people who made my semester a memorable/bearable one.